Explore      PANAMA!

In Panama it is possible to see the sunrise from the Pacific Ocean and  the sunset over the Atlantic Ocean. You can cross the country  to enjoy both sides in one day.

Panama has the second largest inhabited volcanic crater in the world,  giving home to El Valle de Anton, a charming little town in the  provincia Coclé.

Panama has amazing wildlife, the country has more bird species than the  USA.  It is possible to have breakfast surrounded  by hummingbirds, toucans, and colorful species of all description.  Not to mention the beautiful flowers as well.

The traditional hat  Panamanians wear is the sombrero pintado, handmade from natural dyes and  materials using local plants.

Panama has a huge number of waterfalls

In Panama City there’s a rainforest within city limits, that makes the capital unique in the world.

Panama is a country worth a visiting for a beach vacation or an exhilarating nature experience!