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Hit The Road: Advantages of Taking Your Family on a Road Trip

There's an old proverb that says: the air is always coldest before the thaw. Wait, no, that can't be right. Regardless, Punxsutawney Phil from Gobbler's Knob hill in Pennsylvania says spring is right around the corner. You can trust him, too, because his meteorological methods go...

Wildwoods Lodge of Maine – Snowmobile and ATV Nirvana

Now that winter has arrived in earnest and snow blankets the hills and valleys of New England, it's time to don your winter woolies and venture out to make long lasting family memories in the snow. Last fall we visited an amazing outdoor sports wonderland tucked...

Snowboarding in Oz – Australia Offers Year-Round Boarding Fun

Start talking about ski towns and snowboard destinations and “the usual suspects” would include the Swiss Alps, the French Alps and Aspen in the United States. But… Australia? You might find this hard to believe, but this continent also has areas that allow snowboarding, particularly...

Cuddle and Bubble on a Romantic B&B Getaway

Love is in the air. But, do work schedules, kids’ appointments or the never-ending alerts sounding off from your smartphone have you and your loved one running circles around each another? Maybe it’s time to stop, take a deep breath and get back to basics...

Looking For A Great Seaside Vacation? – Try Texas!

Looking for a new beach destination?  Check out Kemah and Galveston Texas for Your Next Seaside Vacation Having lived in Texas all my life I have much to say about our beaches, not all of it good. However in the last few years the two large...

Guide To Visiting Las Vegas With Kids

Travel Tips for parents planning to travel to Las Vegas with their children So you’re traveling to Las Vegas… and with kids! I have some amazing tips on traveling to Las Vegas for parents. First of all, select where you are staying carefully. Las Vegas has some...

The Other Face Of Greece – Ski Resorts!

A Quick Guide To The Best Ski Resorts Close to Athens Greece Believe it or not, skiing is a popular activity in Greece! Do not let those brochures and flyers of the deep blue Mediterranean waters fool you into thinking that this is all there is...

B&B Getaways To Napa Valley’s Vibrant Mustard Season

B&B Getaways to Napa Valley Pass “Mustard” With its picturesque rolling hills and sprawling vineyards, Napa Valley is a postcard-perfect destination for travelers. During the Harvest Season in fall, throngs of visitors pour in from all over to revel in celebratory activities including food and wine...

Antarctica – A Top Bucket List Destination

Most people dream of someday having the means and ability to travel to certain destinations;  their travel wish lists are generally centered around the desire to spend time lounging on pristine beaches of the Tropics, or taking in the sights and sounds of many great...

5 Brilliant Family Days-Out in Cheshire England

Looking for family-friendly days out that suit everyone isn't always easy. Leaving kids to sit around the house all day at the weekend or during school holidays isn't great either. If you are looking for days out the whole family can enjoy, the north west...

TSA Screening Changes May Ease Your Airport Angst

TSA screenings continue to be a hot topic as it seems hardly a day goes by without a fresh video appearing featuring a traumatized traveler getting a very personal pat down and inspection by airport security.  Most disturbing are the pictures of toddlers being reduced...