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Cycling Through The Dramatic Landscapes of South Wales

Mountain Biking in South Wales With its close proximity to the M4 and an excellent variety of terrain, South Wales is a first class destination for keen mountain bikers and cyclists. Thanks to an abundance of valleys carved hundreds of millennia ago by melting glaciers, the...

Tips For Staying Safe While Traveling in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a popular destination with visitors   bustling, vibrant and packed with things to see and do. Known for its legalization of prostitution and relaxed attitude to cannabis, this laid-back city is pretty safe, with little in the way of violent crime. However, it's always...

The Other Face Of Greece – Ski Resorts!

A Quick Guide To The Best Ski Resorts Close to Athens Greece Believe it or not, skiing is a popular activity in Greece! Do not let those brochures and flyers of the deep blue Mediterranean waters fool you into thinking that this is all there is...

5 Brilliant Family Days-Out in Cheshire England

Looking for family-friendly days out that suit everyone isn't always easy. Leaving kids to sit around the house all day at the weekend or during school holidays isn't great either. If you are looking for days out the whole family can enjoy, the north west...

Best Places to eat in Brighton’s North Laine

For those of you, who aren’t familiar with Brighton, allow me to provide you with a quick overview. Situated on the South Coast of England, Brighton is often referred to as London by the sea. What was once an ancient fishing village has transformed over...

What I Learned While Volunteering Abroad

When I graduated school, like many of my generation, I had no idea where I wanted to go. No aspirations on what I wanted to be. A friend suggested that volunteering abroad teaching English as a foreign language could help me get away from my...

The Many Charms of a Seaside Getaway to Brighton, England

The south of England is full of seaside resorts as well as peaceful, country hideaways.  Perhaps the most popular is the seaside town of Brighton, one of the cultural hotspots of the south of England as well as being a popular holiday destination for all...

The World’s Most Beautiful Vineyards

The World’s Five Most Beautiful Vineyards   A holiday to a wine resort is one sure-fire way of guaranteeing a good time. Wine inexplicably tastes better when you’re drinking it whilst admiring the vines that created it. Of course, with good wine, comes good food and luxurious...

Take The Kids On A Fossil Hunting Adventure In Great Britain

Prehistoric Britain - Great places to take the kids fossil hunting If you're looking for a bit of a different family outing next summer, why not go fossil hunting? The UK is absolutely packed to the rafters with fossils and it isn't just trained archaeologists that...

Sunny Sorrento
Sunny Sorrento – A Perfect Base to Explore Southern Italy

Sorrento makes a perfect base to explore the beauty of southern Italy.  Here are the top 5 places to easily visit from Sorrento. The world is a smaller and more accessible place these days and we are reaching more destinations with ease. It's intriguing to experience...

A Guide to the Best Christmas Markets in the UK

If you are looking for something unique this Christmas but really don’t fancy slogging it out on Oxford Street, why not enjoy your shopping with some of these magical festive experiences at the best Christmas Markets in the UK. London Southbank This market always offers a festive...

Plaza del Espaa Seville Spain
Discover The 10 Most Beautiful Cities of Spain

Spain is surrounded on three sides by water – the Atlantic Ocean, the Cantabrian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. It was conquered by the Moors who have left Spain with a fine Moorish architectural legacy. Enviably there are more beautiful cities in Spain than any...