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TravelWise Packing Cubes
TravelWise Packing Cubes – Product Review

I've just taken the TravelWise packing cubes for a test run on a weekend getaway, and I am sold, these are really a great aid to packing efficiently. These days more often than not I pack in a soft-sided carry-on and typically find that...

Elite Status With Hertz Just Got Easier To Reach

Are you jealous of the special treatment that elite travelers receive at every turn? Hertz hears your pain and has just announced a reduction in the requirements for reaching Five Star and President's Club elite status. Members of the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards loyalty program...

Where To Party Around The World
Where To Find The World’s Best Parties

The vast majority of travel guides that crowd dusty shelves in books stores and personal libraries tell you where to find the best hotels, countless museums and endless architecturally significant churches, but they're missing one of the most important reasons we travel - to discover...

Londoner's Guide To London
Amazing Things You Never Knew About London

Here's a great infographic with lots of interesting tips about tourist sites in London. Most of us have visited London and gazed up at the iconic Big Ben clock tower. Did you know that the time is adjusted by placing pennies on the...

Surprising Airplane Facts
Plane Facts – Fascinating Info About Airplanes

Here are some astounding and surprising facts about flying in modern day aircraft. For instance, did you know that due to the development of highly sophisticated guidance systems, pilots only average 3 minutes per flight using the manual controls - shocking! How about...

Cruise Ship Excursions That Will Excite All You Foodies

There's a new focus on Foodie based shore excursions and chef prepared regional dishes aboard major cruise lines in 2014. While cruising has always had a reputation for offering an abundance of food, cruise lines haven't often tapped into local ingredients or presented regional...

Airline Creates A Child-Free Zone

When I hear about a new airline trend these days, I usually grown in protest. But today I heard about a new seating cabin established by Singapore's budget airline Scoot that I'm ready to cheer for! Scoot Airlines has announced that they will be adding a...

More Cruise Lines Make Balconies A No-Smoking Zone

Don't even think about lighting up that cigarette or cigar on your cabin's balcony, my friend - not even that fancy e-cigarette! The number of cruise lines who have banned smoking on all balconies is growing. In the coming months Disney Cruise Line,...