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26 Feb

3 Off-The-Beaten-Path Mediterranean Gems Worth Discovering Now

Get Off The Beaten Path In These 3 Uncrowded Mediterranean Destinations

Most tourists who plan a trip to Europe join the crowds in the same popular destinations. This phenomenon occurs not only in Italy but also in France, Turkey, and Greece. If you travel to Europe during the summer, you may have no choice but to endure the masses of tourists.

Fortunately, this is not entirely true. You can discover many hidden gems that will take you away from the tourist hubs, allowing you to indulge in local pizza or sip ouzo in peace. Although it requires research and extra time, the reward is a once-in-a-lifetime vacation experience. In this article, we will help you find the ideal spots in the Mediterranean to get off the beaten path.

Vis, Croatia

Vis Harbor Croatia

Wikimedia Commons by: Minestrone

If you’re looking for a less crowded destination in Croatia, the island of Vis could be just what you need. Located in the Adriatic Sea, Vis is a charming island that’s a bit off the beaten path. Unlike some of the more popular Croatian islands, such as Hvar or Brac, Vis offers visitors a quieter, more laid-back experience.

On Vis, you can explore beautiful beaches with crystal-clear water, perfect for swimming and snorkeling. You’ll also find plenty of local wineries and seafood restaurants to sample, offering a taste of authentic Croatian cuisine. If you’re interested in history, you can visit the ancient Greek settlement of Issa or the abandoned military tunnels used during World War II.

The best way to explore this area is with bareboat charters with This gets you out on the water where you can truly relax and enjoy the sights from a different perspective. You’ll also find some secluded beaches with no tourists to be found.

Grado, Italy

Grado Italy

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Many people adore the charming canals of Venice, but only some enjoy the bustling crowds. Fortunately, a mini version of Venice called Grado is located in the upper Adriatic, not too far away. This small town is very similar to Venice, situated in a lagoon and features a grand canal.

Grado was once a part of the Venetian Republic, so it boasts similar types of architecture, including some paleo-Christian basilicas. Additionally, the town offers breathtaking sunsets from its beaches. Visitors can indulge in fantastic seafood fresh from the lagoon at a fraction of the cost of similar dishes in Venice.

Tarifa, Spain

Tarifa Spain

Diego Delso, CC Wikimedia Commons

The small town of Tarifa, Spain is often overlooked by tourists en route to Andalusia, making it an excellent off-the-beaten-path destination. Travelers who want to explore a typical Southern Spanish town and beaches without crowds should consider Tarifa.

Compared to other beach towns in the area, Tarifa has a more laid-back atmosphere, without the heavy commercialization. For those who enjoy water sports, Tarifa is the perfect spot, famous for its kitesurfing and other water-based activities.

Visitors can soak up the town’s unique culture, sample its delicious cuisine, and enjoy the peaceful ambiance of its stunning beaches. In contrast to the busy tourist hotspots, Tarifa offers a serene and authentic travel experience.