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Winter Camping Tips
19 Jan

Tips and Tricks For Enjoying Winter Camping

How to Enjoy Winter Camping: 5 Tips and Tricks

There’s no denying the cold can turn you off camping in winter. Nobody wants to spend their night freezing, and there is a lot more preparation involved. However, you shouldn’t let that take away the fun you could be having. With the right tips and tricks, you can stay warm and enjoy yourself.  Sound interesting? Then keep on reading!

Below we are going to help you get ready for your next adventure.

Research Your Location

All types of camping require research, so consider reading ahead before arriving at your destination. The more prepared you are, the easier it will be to pack for your trip. Alongside checking out the terrain, look at the weather forecast and read reviews about previous experiences. It won’t take long and you’ll be able to ensure you have everything you need.

Choose the Right Tent

The right tent is extremely important when camping during the winter. So, remember to do your research and opt for a durable design that is easy to set up in the cold. If you want to take things to the next level, follow some advice on how to insulate a tent. You can remain warm during those frosty mornings and keep your belongings dry.

Dress in Multiple Layers

Layers, layers, and more layers. It’s one of the easiest ways to keep yourself warm during activities and while sleeping. The best part is that you can easily remove and add as you need depending on the temperature.

Start with a light base layer that keeps moisture away from your body. Then add on a middle layer such as a sweater or jacket. Finally, top everything off with a shell/outer layer that has a wind and waterproof design.

Stay Full and Keep Hydrated

It’s harder to stay hydrated and full during winter when compared to summer, which makes eating and drinking well even more critical. Your body will be able to regulate its temperature if you have been consuming the right calories and nutrients.

Opt for a couple of easy hearty one-pot meals and be sure to throw in a few hot drinks such as hot chocolate, coffee, and tea. You can find some great camping recipes here.

Invest in the Extras

Finally, to top off all of the above, it can be worth investing in a few great extras. Items such as hot water bottles, pocket warmers, heated gloves, and boots can be lifesavers, especially if you will be going camping regularly.

You may also take this time to pick out a new sleeping bag and pads to keep you off the ground. A good quality brand should last a long time.

Final Words

And that’s it! These are five great tips and tricks to help you enjoy winter camping. So while it may seem scary, try giving it a go. The world is completely different in the cooler months, and you may even start to prefer it.

Have fun and good luck!