Prague Things To Do
10 Oct

Special Things To Do When Visiting Prague

Special Things to do in Prague

Every major city in the world has its particular flavor and Prague is a proud city with many charms awaiting your visit. There are activities that you must do and sites you have to visit if you really want to discover the heart of the city. Here are a few special things to do in Prague that will help you create wonderful memories to take home with you from the magical city of Prague, in the Czech Republic.

Do not miss the Christmas Market

Christmas Market Prague
Wikimedia Commons by: Victor Porof

Until you have seen the Prague Christmas Market, you won’t know how beautiful one can be. As you walk through the streets of the Old Town, and right after you cross path with the Astronomical Clock, you will enter into the main square, where you will be left speechless at the beauty in front of you. The gigantic Christmas tree that watches over the market is the first thing your eye will catch. If you are lucky enough, and there is fresh snow covering the ground and the various kiosks, there is no doubt that your heart will melt at the beauty of the sight. If you love visiting Christmas markets, all over Europe, this is the one you cannot miss.

Discover Prague on its River

Walking the city is certainly necessary to uncover some of its secrets. But it won’t be complete, if you don’t also take the time to cruise down the river on a boat. From there, the architecture will seem different. You will be able to witness its grandeur, much more. You can also decide to enjoy lunch or dinner on the boat, while it lets you enjoy some of the best views of the city.

Spend Time at the John Lennon Wall

John Lennon Wall

Sometimes, a small element of a city can tell you more about it than a full museum would. This can be said about the John Lennon Wall, which is famous around the world. It all started when an artist decided to paint Mister Lennon’s face on a wall, in Mala Strana. It started a trend that saw other people cover the wall with graffiti of their own. This colourful part of town became very popular, rapidly. However, the authorities decided to paint over it, so that it would stop. Of course, it did not work. The wall is back to its artistic endeavour. Just know that if you want to add your own graffiti, there are times and days to do so.

Visit the Communist Museum

With the events currently going on in Ukraine, we are forced to look back on the past of Russia, to the time when it was a large federation guided by the laws of communism. At that time, the Czech Republic was a part of this territory, and it left behind lots of history and some scarves. When you visit the Communist Museum in Prague, you get to understand better the influence those years had on today’s life of the citizens of the country. You will see photographs, films, scriptures and many objects from that era. Don’t miss the Nuclear Bunker Exposition, that takes place in one, right underneath the city.