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How To Make Photo Posters
3 Oct

How To Make Professional Looking Posters From Your Surf Photos

How to make Kick Ass posters from your surf pics

Surf posters are notoriously cool, because of the subject at hand. You have a lot of potential to capture an incredible surfing moment, but in the same vein, it can be difficult to capture them because of the natural factors of the water that affect the outcome of these photos. To make your posters stand out from the crowd, use this helpful guide for inspiration and to give yourself the best chance to make something original.

Editing Tps

When editing your surf posters, consider using software such as Photoshop to have access to hundreds of tools that can aid you in making a cool poster. For example, you can make an image transparent to add layers and depth to your poster.

You can also do this with text, so you can see through the letters to the background, to give your poster a sense of cohesion rather than collage. Another creative feature of Photoshop is colour enhancement, so you can manipulate saturation or add contrast shadows to suit the mood of your poster.

Taking The Perfect Surf Shot

Surfing is an activity that allows for beautiful photography opportunities. However, it can also be difficult to capture the perfect moment amongst all the chaos of the water. For your best chance of taking a great photo, the main point you need to think about is how you can make these photos unique to you and your style. Your photographs should tell a story, that you can then translate to your posters. There are many other techniques to capturing a dynamic surf shot, including consideration of your camera equipment in terms of lenses and shutter speed.

Study The Light

The light can majorly affect the outcome of your surf pictures. Before taking the photos, you will want to consider the time of day, your location, and the direction that the photos are taken in.

Ideally, you should capture moments where there is a minimal amount of reflection bouncing off the water if you are wanting to the focus to be on the person who is surfing. Otherwise, the reflection would only serve as a distraction.

Consider What You Want to Your Poster to Convey

Surf Poster

If you want your posters to be kick ass, then the surf pictures should hold a strong message. Perhaps you want your poster to inspire people to begin a fitness journey, by showing off your trained physique in its best and most impressive light. The message can then be that surfing is an example of fun fitness, something that can alter your body in a positive way while still being an exciting hobby.

By taking photographs where you are positioned with a powerful stance, your message will shine through on your poster.

Making The Poster

If you are a novice in making posters, you may be struggling with inspiration in terms of the design direction you want to head towards. If so, familiarise yourself with the basics. You want your surf pics to be kick ass, so if you create a poster you’re unsure of, this uncertainty will shine through in what you make and the sense of power you want to achieve will fall flat. For first time poster-makers, keep it playful, imaginative, and fun!