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London Historic Hotels
22 Sep

7 Iconic London Hotels Where You’ll Feel Like Royalty

7 Amazing London Hotels You Must Visit

Before we get to the fun part of this article, you need to know that traveling to London may turn out to be the best decision of your life. If you are a fun-loving, adventure seeker and someone who likes exploring a destination with rich history, then you must visit London. London hotels did not all begin their lives as hotels though.  Some iconic London hotels were historic buildings with impressive pasts and have been converted to dignified hotel properties. Well, let us get right to it then and take a look at some of London’s best hotels.

Brown’s Hotel

This hotel opened in 1837, and is an amalgamation of 11 Gregorian townhouses, making it into a 117 rooms hotel. Back in 1859, The Ford family took over this building and placed a dining room, and then bought the next door in 1889, to combine two hotels into one. Even today Brown’s is one of the most visited and recommended hotels in London.

Langham Hotel (London)

This hotel is in the West End district of London and is a grand hotel with five stars. Some very famous people have stayed in this hotel over the years, such as Charles De Gaulle, Mark Twain, and George Orwell. What is most intriguing about it is the supernatural inhabitants who have made an impression of their own. At one time, the supernatural inhabitants made an appearance reportedly captured by a BBC journalist, soon after World War II. According to reports, the reporters saw the ghost of Napoleon III as well as the ghost of a German Prince who jumped to his death from a window on the fourth floor of this hotel. If you visit it, keep a close eye on your photos and videos – you might just get lucky to capture something supernatural lurking in the shadows.

Georgian House Hotel

If you have the heart for something creepy, then stay at the Georgian House Hotel. There is a story that makes this place quite intriguing. In 1989, while showing the hotel to some guests, the manager and the visitors heard the loud sound of some unruly children. He asked the receptionist to check what was going on and keep things under control. Only to be told that there were no children checked into the hotel. Most people have witnessed hearing children in the upper floors, but no one is sure where or who they are.

Claridge’s Hotel

This hotel opened in 1854 and has since then maintained its glory and elegance. It also started as a single building and later expanded into a grand hotel. Before this hotel, there was a hotel known as Mivart’s, which opened in 1812. Next to it was a smaller hotel, which belonged to Mr. and Mrs. Claridge. They later combined both hotels in 1854, making it one single hotel. In 1898, much of the building underwent demolition and was remodeled into what we see today.

Hotel Café Royal

Cafe Royal is a much talked about grand hotel. It has transformed over the years, with an enhanced lobby in the Art Deco atrium. It has a striking Venetian chandelier that never ceases to fascinate visitors. The sushi restaurant on the first floor is also something you must check out. Overall, this hotel has a minimalist, and yet contemporary style and character. The ambiance, the aroma of delicious food, everything is adorable and will make you love staying here.

Hotel Cafe Royal is at the corner of Piccadilly Circus and Regent Street, making it a suitable location with easy access to the Royal Academy and Hyde Park, which are at a short walking distance.

London’s Royal National Hotel

By standards, generally, London hotels are small, nonetheless, there are some considered large enough. The Royal National Hotel is the largest in Bloomsbury. This building has 1,630 bedrooms and has a three-star. It is in the Bloomsbury neighbourhood and offers exceptional accommodation. The food and room service are at a standard that people always talk about.

Hilton London Metropole Hote

Another renowned and one of the largest four-star hotels you must visit is the Hilton London Metropole Hotel. This hotel has 1,058 bedrooms. Each room offers a warm and cosy setting, with Wi-Fi, a flat-screen, and a small fridge. You also get custom-made beds, a work desk, a Mediterranean restaurant, and a gym, and there is an ample supply of tea and coffee. It is surely the place to be.

Shangri-La Hotel (Shangri-La the Shard)

This hotel is in Renzo Piano’s skyscraper building and it occupies the thirty-fourth floor up to the fifty-second floor. It has 202 rooms and suites with breathtaking views. The dining venues are a signature of The Shard. While you stay here, you will love the panoramic skyline views that overlook the River Thames.

Millennium Hotel London Knightsbridge

This amazing hotel is at Sloane Street, which is a convenient location because it offers an old-school charm. The highlights of this location are the Buckingham Palace and Albert Museum. The services are outstanding, with fresh linen, and an inviting ambiance.

Hyatt Regency London The Churchill

The ideal way to describe this hotel is as a getaway place. It is steeped in pure British charm, sophistication, and refined culture.  It allows you to look at the Portman Square Garden, and appreciate the richness of British decor. The rooms are spacious and designed for luxury. In total, there are 440 guestrooms.

If you are a business person, you will love spending time in the Regency Club Lounge. This is where you get to enjoy refreshments and snacks in meetings. There is a tennis court, fitness centre, and a grand dining area. The hotel makes special arrangements for meetings and weddings as well.

You get to explore London from the corners of Park Lane and Oxford Street. Some must-see sites here are Hyde Park, Marble Arch, and Speaker’s Corner. You will enjoy taking a trip in the tube, going all the way to Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and Big Ben.

In the evenings, pop artists perform trendy rock and indie vibes. You can also enjoy mouth-watering cuisines in restaurants and explore drinks in bars.

Wrapping things up, these are our recommendations for London hotels worth booking. Have a great holiday!