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Uganda Travel Tips
20 May

6 Top Reasons to Add Uganda To Your Bucket List

Top Reasons You Should Consider Uganda for your Next Adventure Vacation

As you’re probably well aware, Africa is home to some of the most amazing travel experiences on the planet. This continent provides you with unique sights and scenes that you really can’t get anywhere else.  Nevertheless, when most people think about traveling to Africa, their mind wanders to some of the more well-known tourist destinations. You might consider the safaris in South Africa or the ancient pyramids in Egypt. However, there’s one country in East Africa that many consider a hidden gem: Uganda.

This is most likely a country you’ve heard of before, but have you ever thought about traveling to Uganda? If you haven’t, here are some pretty amazing reasons to add it to your travel bucket list right this second:

Gorillas & Chimps!

Uganda is known for its diverse range of gorillas and chimpanzees. You might’ve seen these animals in your local zoo, but experiencing them in their natural habitat is nothing short of amazing. There are loads of treks through Uganda that let you see massive mountain gorillas going about their daily routines. It is so fascinating seeing them do everything; they’re so human-like and intelligent in everything that they do. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you really can’t pass up.

Likewise, you can trek through tropical rainforests to see colonies of chimpanzees swinging through the trees. It’s another one of those things that you can only really experience in Uganda. Sure, there are other areas of Africa where these beautiful creatures can be spotted, but many consider this country to be their spiritual home.

Incredible views and scenery

When describing this country, you’d say that it is a landlocked place in East Africa. Right away, your mind wanders to a place that’s pretty dry and sandy. In reality, Uganda couldn’t be further from this! It is a gorgeous country with some incredible views and scenery throughout. Despite the lack of a coastline, it’s so environmentally diverse.

You wouldn’t believe it, but there is so much greenery here. We’ve already mentioned rainforests and lush green mountains – but there is so much more to explore and enjoy. It has bright green plantations dotted around the country, growing things from massive bananas to fresh coffee. The plants and flowers are so phenomenally vibrant, and there are plenty of stunning National Parks to bring you closer to nature. If you want an Instagrammable vacation destination, it really doesn’t get much better than this.

Friendly people

Some travel destinations have lots to offer, but the locals can be a bit…meh. Perhaps it’s a cultural difference or something, but there are loads of places where it feels like you don’t get a very warm reception.

Uganda is the polar opposite of this. Within minutes of landing, you will be stunned at the generosity and hospitality offered by the locals. They are some of the friendliest and happiest people on the planet. Local Ugandans love tourists and are always happy to help you during your stay. Simply ask someone for directions or recommendations and they’ll probably even lead you to a place themselves. They always have big smiles on their faces, and it’s just such a wonderful culture to embrace and throw yourself into. Friendly locals make the trip so much more enjoyable than it already is.

Uganda Travel Tips

Excellent adventures

One of the main reasons to travel to Uganda is to embark on an adventure. This isn’t the type of country you visit to just stay in a hotel and relax. No, you need to make the most out of everything the area has to offer. As mentioned already, there are rare gorillas and chimps in the mountains and forests here. You also have stunning national parks and lots of greenery.

Consequently, it’s the perfect place for an adventure. You will find various safaris around the country as it is one of the five biggest safari destinations in Africa. While you’re unlikely to see the same animals that you might find in South Africa or Tanzania, there are still plenty of diverse species for you to enjoy. We’re talking hippos, lions, monkeys, leopards, and much more. You get to experience all this while traversing the unique Ugandan landscape. It’s the type of country that constantly speaks to your thrill-seeking side.

A rich diversity of food

Like many countries in Africa, Uganda is home to a diverse range of local cuisines. This stems from the tribes in the area, with each one having its own traditional dish. It means that you can experience some crazy and wild food options during your stay – most of which are absolutely delicious.

Plus, the country is known for its vibrant food scene. You will constantly walk past food stalls cooking fresh things that smell so tantalizing. I always think that the best thing about going abroad is trying new foods and embracing local cultures. Stop by one of the many street food joints in Uganda to try specialties like Ugandan pancakes, Lindazi, or the famous Rolex.

An affordable travel destination

The cost of living in Uganda is much lower than in some of the other popular tourist destinations in Africa. Therefore, it offers a more affordable trip than you’d get if you went to Egypt, Morocco, or South Africa. You receive far more value for money, enabling you to enjoy some luxury comforts at much cheaper prices.

This also means you can afford to do more things and get the full Ugandan holiday experience. In some travel destinations, you have plenty to do, but it’s all too expensive. So, you end up sacrificing one thing over another. Here, you don’t have to make sacrifices as everything is so affordable!

Evidently, there’s much more to Uganda than initially meets the eye. It probably wasn’t at the top of your travel bucket list before today, but maybe it’s made it on there. This is such a wonderful country with amazing people and beautiful natural wildlife. If you’re looking to explore Africa, this has to be one of the first places you visit.