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Israel Travel Tips
22 Apr

Important Things To Know Before Traveling to Israel

What You Should Know Before Traveling To Israel

Before the pandemic, Israel was receiving over 4.5 million visitors annually. Many visitors are interested in Israel’s history, while others are interested in the rich culture. Some people wish to visit the physical locations which have a deep connection with their religion, especially the Jewish travel.  No matter the reason for your visit, there are important things you should know before visiting Israel.

Israel Travel Tips

If you plan to travel to Israel, you should know the following.  

  • Park modest clothes.
  • Carry the right electrical plugs.
  • The foods you are likely to eat and how to pair them.
  • Strict security protocols at the airport.
  • Keep your paper visa slip safe.
  • Israel’s working days and weekends.

When you plan your trip well, you will enjoy every moment of your trip to Israel. You will also be ready for cultural differences and how to handle them.

Pack Modest Clothes

Some places in Israel, such as religious centers, have strict dress codes. You will need to dress appropriately when visiting Jerusalem, Western Wall, and other orthodox neighborhoods. Some of the clothes to wear include long-sleeved shirts, pants or long skirts. Fortunately, appropriate clothing is sold at the Western Wall so you can get what you need in case you do not have the right clothes.

Carry The Right Electrical Plugs

Israel uses the 3 – round pegged prong. You should purchase one before your trip so that you don’t spend a lot of time searching for one, especially if you do not know where to buy electrical plugs.

The Foods You Are Likely To Eat And The Unwritten Rules.

Israel has several food rules that no one is likely to tell you. For example, most restaurants offer Kosher food, primarily meat, parve, and dairy. The meat is primarily from animals that chew the cud and have split hooves (cows, sheep, and goats). According to Jewish law, the animals are killed using the least painless methods. You will also discover that eating meat with a dairy product is taboo.

Strict Security Protocols At The Airport

Israel’s security standards at the airport are similar to those of other countries. What sets it apart are the interviews that tourists are subjected to before they are allowed into the country. The interview can take a long time, depending on the information they seek.

Some of the questions may include your interests in Israel, what you do for a living, and who packed your bags. Be ready to answer all the questions because your interviewer may become suspicious of your intentions if you hesitate.

Keep Your Paper Visa Slip Carefully.

Israel no longer stamps passports. For years, visitors with Israel stamps on their passports were denied entry into some countries in the Middle East. Israel made changes to encourage more visits and reduce the burden of choosing between Israel and other countries.

You will be handed a blue slip with a visa stamp on your arrival. You need to keep this paper because you will need to present it when leaving the country.

Israel’s Working Days And Weekends.

When scheduling your trip, you must remember that Israel’s working days are Sunday to Thursday, while Friday and Saturday are the weekends. Most shops are closed over the weekend. Religious sites remain closed over the weekend.

These are some things you need to know before traveling to Israel. When you prepare adequately, you will schedule your flight on the right days and have everything you need for your trip.