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Road Trip Mistakes
24 Mar

7 Road Trip Mistakes You Should Never Make

7 Mistakes To Avoid On Your Next Road Trip

Road Trip Mistakes

For many, road trips are a time to bond with family and friends on the open road. There are several reasons to go on a road trip. It gives you a chance to create new memories, explore new locations, and enjoy some much-needed fresh air. Although a survey indicated that 78% of Americans questioned admitted to enjoying road trips, several people still dread this form of travel. However, this could be due to overlooked mistakes repeated throughout the years. So, without further ado, here are some mistakes you are probably making and should avoid.

Failing to create a feasible and realistic plan

There’s a lot of planning that goes into taking a road trip. You need to determine the routes you would take, how long you would need to be on the road, the expenses you would incur, and so much more. Failing to create a plan you can follow is usually the main cause of an unfulfilling road trip. Do ample research about your journey to determine routes and other vital information. You should also create a budget for a fair idea of what you’ll have to spend. 

Not getting your car prepared for the trip

It may seem obvious to ensure that your car is in good condition before setting off on your road trip, but it seems to be an aspect many forget. Due to this, there have been very unpleasant road trip experiences with cars breaking down in the middle of the journey, car accidents, etc. Although your car may seem to work just fine, the terrain your long journey may expose it to could cause avoidable problems.

Before your journey, you can take your car to a mechanic for expert advice and opinion. This way, you are assured that your car will get the fix-up it needs ahead of time. It would help if you also had other car essentials such as a spare tire, coolant, engine oil, and the number of an emergency tow car service. Some families prefer using a designated car for road trips which is a smart idea. You can visit dealerships such as Hancock County CDJR for great deals on vehicles that would be great for road trips.

Wildly underestimating the distance and time of arrival

The truth is, maps (if you aren’t a certificated cartographer) are not a true reflection of the size of an area. This is because they are drawn to a particular scale— of course, it would be strange to have a real size map! So, even though locations may seem not so far apart, this isn’t true in reality. However, this is something many people forget about, causing them to wildly underestimate the travel distance causing great frustration and annoyance when they realize it would take longer than expected.

In addition, you may be wildly underestimating the traffic on the roads you would use and fail to factor in possible roadblocks and ongoing road construction. Therefore, be sure to create a plan that factors these variables to ensure that you get a better and more accurate estimation of how long you’d stay on the road to avoid disappointment and frustration. 

Not packing entertainment

Imagine sitting in a car for about four hours with nothing to do; sounds boring right? Well, if this is how you go on road trips, it is no wonder you do not enjoy them! It could be worse if you’re going on a family trip with bored, disgruntled, and restless younger children. It could make the journey very stressful and unassuming.

You can play several games on road trips, so be sure to pack several age-appropriate ones that everyone can enjoy. You can also download mobile games and activity apps. Sing-alongs are also a fun activity to participate in when going on road trips, so compile a fun playlist to play on your way there. Entertainment isn’t limited to games, so be sure to pack whatever you need to make your ride more enjoyable, such as movies, a series you’ve been meaning to watch, or a book.

Forgetting about snacks

Although you would make some stops along the way to eat, it is important to pack some healthy, fun snacks for the trip. Some unforeseen events may occur, preventing you from sticking to a schedule, and being hungry can only worsen. Also, by packing snacks, you ensure that you arrive at your destination earlier as it reduces the number of stops you’ll have to make for food. 

Being overambitious 

You may be a fast driver, and you definitely can’t wait to arrive at your destination but being overambitious about the journey can make it less amusing and more frustrating. There’s more to being on a road trip than simply driving. It is important to take breaks to relax and enjoy your time on the road. Trying to make a six-day country in two days would only make you exhausted and grumpy. Instead, be prepared to cover driving expected in the expected timeframe. Also, it is advisable to have another long-distance driver with you so you can take breaks to rest as driving can be a tiring task. 

Not taking the time to explore

One of the exhilarating aspects of going on a road trip is being able to see various locations and exploring them on your way to your destination. Driving by the same scene for numerous hours or staying in the car for an extended period takes the joy out of this form of travel. Therefore, when planning your road trip, consider routes you can take to help you see more interesting things during the journey. You should also check out interesting aspects about the regions you’d be passing through to try to explore and visit them.

Road trips are very rewarding and can be a great experience. If you haven’t been a fan of such travels, you can consider fixing these mistakes. You would definitely love being on the road!