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19 Nov

Unique Ways To Keep Travel Memories Alive at Home

Keep Your Travel Memories Alive With Home Decor 

Many of you like to travel and explore the world. Sometimes, when you visit different places, you get mesmerized with the beautiful things worldwide. In addition, you learn about various cultures and traditions.  You might have spent your hard-earned money, but it is worth it when you end up learning new lessons in life. Ultimately after your trip, you end up being a narrator or storyteller.  You can incorporate your precious memories about travel by adding items that you collected from different places into your interiors. The following are some travel home decor ideas to relive your travel journeys at home:

Travel Trunks

Decorating With Travel Trunks


Earlier, people kept their things in their trunks while traveling. But now they are no more in use. However, some of you still have these vintage trunks at home as a memory of your ancestors.  If not, then you can easily find these vintage trunks in the antique market. So, use them as a unique yet interesting addition to your interiors. They can add a beautiful sense of style and personality to your home.

Travel  Trunks serve a dual purpose as you can use them for storage purposes and as a décor item. Also, make it more practical by using them as a table to place things.

Your Own Art Gallery

Many of you are selfie lovers or love photography. So, it is best to use your love and enjoy documenting your adventures all around the world. These photo collections at your home inspire wanderlust when you look at them.

Photo Collage Wall Art


The photos are not a way to showcase your photography skills but a beautiful way to embrace the beauty outside your home. So while showcasing your prints on the walls of art, make sure to pick outstanding photos.

They are responsible for elevating the interiors. If you do not want to display personal photos, then use another way to pay homage to your travel love. So, frame postcards or other art pieces related to nature or landscape.

You can hang colorful canvas prints and photos to create a great gallery wall that perfectly enhances your interiors.

Destination Globe

Travel Globe


A destination globe is a beautiful and unique way to decorate interiors, especially a kid’s room. Place a globe at the table or on the shelf and mark the places you already have with one color.

Then, point to other locations you want to go to using different shades. You can also mark your favorite spots with the third color. It is a unique and quirky way to show your wanderlust.

You can use this destination globe to make children learn about different places and mark the spots with colors.

Shelves of Treasures

Travel Decor Tips


Some of you love reading, so you often collect journals or books related to the history of places you visit. So, why not use these valuable items as a décor. Purchase a rack or make a bookshelf and put all the books you collected from different locations on them.

It is a beautiful way to decorate a room as well as showcase your wanderlust. In addition, these books will provide you with knowledge of various places and their culture.

Customized Blankets

Customized blankets are the perfect way to relive your travel memories. The customized blankets can be of different varieties such as polyester fabric, woven styles, etc. But, firstly, select an excellent printer and the good prints you want on your blanket.

Or you can get a collage of travel photos printed on a blanket. Then, the expert printers carefully sublimate pictures into the fabric to avoid any fading, peeling, or cracking.  Whenever you take a blanket, it reminds you about the precious time you spend at different places. In addition, it is a beautiful and unique item to decorate a bedroom with travel-themed décor.

Lighting Fixtures

Travel Decor Tips


Lighting is a vital element of any room. So, get some unique lighting fixtures such as travel-themed lamp shades for hanging lights. Also, install lamps of globe design to enhance the beauty of your travel décor.  Or pick lighting with the industrial look as it represents travel-themed decors.  You can also purchase lights from different places that showcase their culture. For instance, pyramid lighting directly reminds you about a trip to Egypt.  Or bells-shaped lights directly focus on the Indian temples and culture, etc. In addition, you can install hot air balloon-shaped lights or airplane lighting in kids’ rooms which reminds them about their travel adventures.

Monuments or Figurines

Instead of clicking pictures of all trips, you can collect some souvenirs to relive your travel journeys. Whichever country you visit, purchase a small monument or figurines related to their culture or idols.

It is necessary to buy a gorgeous piece; it should be just something symbolic and legendary. It is just a token of your special moments at various locations.


I hope the ideas mentioned above inspire your wanderlust. Traveling is something more than going from one location to another. It is a kind of exploration that gives vast knowledge.