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Vacation Sunburn Tips
17 Nov

Key Ways To Deal With A Vacation Sunburn

What to Do If You Get Sunburnt Whilst Travelling

Vacation Sunburn Tips

It’s the last thing that anybody wants when they’re on a trip away, but sometimes, mistakes are made and you find that you have a vacation sunburn. In this article, we’re going to look at what to do to relieve your pain and symptoms when you do get sunburnt whilst travelling.

Before we get into it, did you know that you can even get sunburnt eyes? That’s why you’ve got to be extra careful to wear protective sunglasses and hats, to try and avoid this predicament. All About Vision has created an infographic with more information on how to take care of your eyes on vacation. Check it out via the link.

Aftersun or Aloe Vera

Grab your Aftersun or aloe vera and slather it on your body, on all the affected areas. It should have a cooling impact on the skin, which could ease the pain, as well as moisturize the burn. You don’t want the sunburnt area to further dry out. Make sure that you do this a few times a day, even after the appearance of the burn has died down. Always reapply after coming out of the shower.

Avoid Prolonged Sun Exposure

Unfortunately, you are going to want to avoid the sun for at least a few days after you’ve been burnt. You don’t want to make matters worse than they already are, so you’re going to have to find yourself some nice shaded areas for a while.

Wear Loose Clothing

Tight or heavy clothing could prove to be uncomfortable and irritating when you’re sunburnt, so stick to loose cotton pieces that are breathable. Think floaty and light items, that preferably cover your burns so you’re not risking exposing your skin to further damage. If your face is burnt then ensure you always have sunglasses and a hat on to protect you. And of course, if you can’t avoid the sun, always wear a high factor SPF.


If you’re really suffering, then don’t shy away from painkillers. This can give you a little relief when you’re feeling extra sore. Read the labels of different painkillers to ensure you are taking one that is suitable and that you are having the right dosage.

Cool Shower, Bath or Compress

Avoid hot showers as they can make the problem worse. Having a cool wash can however make the sunburn feel better. Saltwater also has healing properties so this isn’t something you need to shy away from (as long as you’re not exposing yourself to the sun again whilst doing so!). It’s best to avoid swimming pool water though, as chlorine can aggravate the problem further.

Keep Extra Hydrated

It’s likely that you are dehydrated as well as sunburnt as your body internally brings fluid to the skin’s burnt surface, so make sure that you have plenty of fluids to balance this. This will also help your burns to heal more quickly and decrease the likelihood of sunstroke.

Sunburn is unfortunately something that many of us have suffered from at some point in our lives but it’s not the end of the world – you can relieve your symptoms. Just make sure to look after yourself after and to avoid it happening in future!