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Switzerland Travel Tips
20 Oct

Guide to Visting Switzerland, What To Do, When to Go, What To See and More

Guide to Switzerland: What To Do, When To Go, Cities, Fun Facts And More!

Switzerland Travel Tips

When we think of Switzerland, it’s impossible not to think of dramatic snow-filled alps, blue lakes, lots of chocolate, and Swiss cheese. The reality is not very different, but it offers so much more!  Although sometimes overlooked among Europe’s most visited destinations, the country of Switzerland has enormous attractions.  After all, it is Switzerland that manufactures high-quality timepieces, precision instruments and knives, as well as the aforementioned chocolates and cheeses with unforgettable flavors.  Although this is not a tourist attraction, we must also not forget that Switzerland is famous for its banks, and for its high secrecy and financial security.

Cutting through the Swiss landscape, it is impossible not to appreciate the great presence of nature, represented mainly by its the Alps and lakes, with the help of the palaces scattered throughout.

The Four Languages ​​of Switzerland

Despite its small geographic size, Switzerland surprisingly has four official languages! The vast majority of the population communicates in German, but it is worth remembering that it is not the same as in Germany. In Switzerland, the language has some differences in vocabulary and pronunciation.

In the far west portion of the country, the predominant language is French. In the central-south, we find Italian! Finally, we have Romansh, spoken by only 1% of the population.

When to Visit Switzerland: understanding the weather

Switzerland can be visited all year round, but for your trip to be everything you’ve been waiting for, it’s good to know that there’s a season of Switzerland for every traveler.  For example, spring brings temperatures that vary between mild and low, while flowers begin to give the air of grace, bringing colorful landscapes to our eyes.

The summer can be a real delight: hiking, trails, lake activities, and enjoying outdoor cafes that are part of the Swiss scenery at this time of year.

Swiss Chalet

Temperatures start to drop in autumn, along with the colors of the flowers. On the other hand, it’s an economic time, when it’s possible to enjoy a lot of the country!

Snow, with the arrival of winter, is part of the tourist itinerary! The country is full of charm and is the joy of those who see snow for the first time. It’s also known for its iconic alpine villages and ski resorts!

The main cities in Switzerland

Luckily, crossing the country is not a very big challenge. Still, optimizing vacation time is a must. That’s why we’ve separated the three main Swiss cities so that you can enjoy your destination without rushing!


Zurich Switerland Travel Tips

Despite not being the capital of Switzerland, Zurich is one of the most popular and bustling cities in the country and is considered by many to be the hub of Switzerland.  On one side you find modern buildings, abd on the other, there is a preserved Historic Center where cars are prohibited.  Culture is one of the highlights of the city, after all, there is no shortage of museums and art galleries. Ah, for shopaholics, Zurich has stores for all tastes, especially for luxury shoppers.

To end the day, the nightlife surprises with its countless pubs, bars, restaurants, and clubs with parties for the most varied public. The parties start around 11 pm and have no time to finish!


Do you know that the city of Bern seems to have come from a fairy tale? Bern is the capital of Switzerland and is also known as the City of Fountains. The nickname is not for nothing, since there are more than 100 fountains scattered around the city, and several of them are from the Middle Ages.

Bern Switzerland Travel Tips

A curiosity about Bern is that it was where Albert Einstein produced the Theory of Relativity. In fact, his house is now a museum open to the public. Then write down one of the tours you will take!

The city is full of well-preserved historic buildings that always come out very well at the click of the camera. You can tour them on foot or on the VLT from there. Also, take the opportunity to enjoy the parks and the abundant restaurants that the city offers!


Geneva Switzerland Travel Tips

Among the mandatory tours on your visit to Geneva, visiting the Historic Center is a must. If your trip is short, visiting here should become your priority.  It is compact and is home to several sights in the city including the seat of the UN.  Speaking of which, you can take a guided tour of the site. Another must-see attraction is the Broken Chair sculpture, which is right in front of the building. It is a huge chair with a broken leg symbolizing the protest against landmines!

Which is the most beautiful city in Switzerland?

Making that decision is certainly an arduous but fun task, as you try to decide which city in Switzerland is the prettiest. You need to match your preference with the offerings and quickly book your hotel.

This entire country, with its striking historical features, draws a lot of attention from travelers.  Some destinations certainly make the list easily, such as Lucerne, Geneva, Zurich and the capital, Bern, but you should not miss the dramatic scenery of the countryside as well.

The photos don’t always do justice to the real beauty of Switzerland and it’s well worth checking it out in person!

About The Author:  Julien Chbib is the founder of Julius Homes His interest in hiking, skiing, and adventure holidays made him bring together the choicest accommodations around the globe to make holidays relaxing and comfortable.