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19 Oct

How To Take The ‘Obligatory FOMO’ Out Of Travel

How To Dispel the Fear of Missing Out From Your Travel Plans

Anyone who begins traveling seriously (or at least sincerely) will come to realize just how many experiences they could possibly have, and that are worth having. This can lead them to realize all the possibilities that they can encounter during travel, and choosing one amongst many will unfortunately mean, by implication, not choosing all the rest at that time. This is similar to how someone who begins learning an instrument will slowly start to realize just how much they have to learn, and this can be both totally stimulating and overwhelming at the same time.

Thankfully, it is possible to take the ‘obligatory FOMO’ out of travel that you may otherwise have. For the uninitiated, FOMO stands for the ‘fear of missing out,’ which can lead us to think of other opportunities or other experiences we could be having, even when we’re having a good one right now. This can prevent us from actually enjoying that which is in front of us and making the most out of our situation because it wrongly determines that we should be doing everything else.

So, in order to avoid overthinking as you travel, here are some worthwhile tips to counteract that:

Good, Clean Fun Is Its Own Reward

It’s important to remember that having good, clean fun can often be its own reward. You don’t have to pensively ponder the history of 11th century monks in an old ruin in order to get intellectual stimulation from a vacation. Having fun is the first tenet towards enjoying yourself, and some might suggest that learning to enjoy yourself on vacation, rather than solemnly selecting a range of activities that will ‘better you,’ is an essential skill to learn. For instance, spending an evening in a polished and well-curated Game Room can help you blow off a perfect amount of steam, a great way to continue the rest of your travels.

Focus On Indulgences

It’s okay to indulge when traveling, too. For instance, sometimes eating a little too much food in a country where the authentic cuisine is quite literally unbeatable is not the essence of greed, but of cultural appreciation. Drinking perfect wine from the vineyards of France, or indulging in a fantastic traditional Chinese massage, sometimes we can limit ourselves from indulgences because we feel that they are less refined or may signify the overenthusiasm of a tourist – but as long as you’re respectful and are supporting local business, there’s nothing wrong with being a little obvious.

Plan Travel Challenges That Help You Feel Productive

Of course, feeling productive is a great way of knowing that you haven’t wasted time, so instead of trying to perfect each day, consider one wholesome ‘project’ you can focus on during your travels. Perhaps you wish to visit three amazing Cathedrals or head to somewhere like Venice during carnival time, or not only spend time at the beach but take scuba diving lessons, too. A little challenge can help us come away with a small achievement, without thinking that achievement is the essential goal of travel.

With this advice, you’re sure to take that obligatory ‘FOMO’ out of travel in the best possible manner.