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Pennsylvania Travel Tips
15 Oct

Fun and Fascinating Sites to Visit in Pennsylvania

Andy Warhol Museum, Hershey Park & Independence National Park: Some of the best hotspots to visit in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Travel Tips

The state of Pennsylvania is arguably one of the best states to go and visit in the United States of America as it is full of rich history, varied landscapes, and provides tourists with the opportunity to do many entertaining things whilst they are there.

Pennsylvania is known as being the ‘Keystone State’ as it played an important role in building the foundations of the United States, which is why there is so many interesting historic sites.  The Declaration of Independence was signed here and this is where the Liberty Bell was first rung as well.  Additionally, the state is home to sites that were central in the American Revolutionary War and the American Civil War.

With so much on offer in Pennsylvania, it’s easy to understand why this is an incredible state to visit.  But what are the best places to visit and what are the most enjoyable activities that can be experienced when in the area?  We’ve got a list of some of the most unique and entertaining sites to visit in Pennsylvania.

Independence National Historic Park

Independence Historic Park Philadelphia

As mentioned, Pennsylvania is home to some of the United States of America’s most important moments in history, including the Liberty Bell. Hence, it should come as no surprise that the Independence National Historic Park is a landmark that needs to be experienced when visiting Philadelphia.

This national park is one of the most historical parks in the country and has to be considered a national treasure because of all it represents. Located in Philadelphia, Independence Hall is the signature attraction to visit here, as it is where the Declaration of Independence was signed and where the Constitution was drafted, whilst the Liberty Bell sits on display nearby.  The national park also consists of old cobblestone streets and keeps the historic aesthetics alive with a number of buildings such as Congress Hall and the Ben Franklin Museum.

Mohegan Sun Casino

Pennsylvania is one of the states that has embraced betting in recent years with open arms, so it should come as no surprise that one of the best things that people can do when they visit the state is to visit the Mohegan Sun Casino Poconos.

Whilst many are able to enjoy their services online, they can also get the very best experiences possible when they visit the exceptional Mohegan Sun Casino venue. The establishment provides 364,000 square feet of gambling space with all the very best casino games available with classics such as table games and slots all just waiting to be played!

Additionally, it boasts a comprehensive sports betting offering which can be complemented by the fact that the Connecticut Sun WNBA franchise play their home games at the establishment, with the 12,000-seater Mohegan Sun Arena available on site.  The complex also offers restaurants, bars, cafes, live entertainment, and resort hotel.


Hershey Chocolate World Pennsylvania

Hershey is going to be a name immediately recognized by many for its association with the beloved chocolates originally manufactured here. Those who visit Pennsylvania will be fortunate to visit the famous amusement park that is located within the city of the same name.

The park has hundreds of amusement rides that can be experienced by families, with a wide variety of different recreation options available. These include some rather exhilarating roller coasters that feature aquatics.

Built as a recreational area for the chocolate manufacturer’s workers initially in 1906, it has become one of the most popular tourist attractions for visitors ever since. Indeed, it continues to expand in size as well, thus making it a destination that needs to be experienced as soon as possible when in Pennsylvania; especially when admission also includes admittance to ZooAmerica that is located adjacent to the amusement park, and boasts more than 200 different types of animals!  You’ll also have ample opportunities to sample their most iconic chocolate confections like Hershey Chocolate Bars, M&Ms, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Presque Isle State Park

Open every day all year long, Presque Isle State Park is one of the best parks to visit in the state as it provides visitors with plenty to do whilst they are there. There is a total of 11 miles to explore along the beach whilst there are a number of different hiking trails just waiting to go on.

Presque Isle State Park Pennsylvania

Additionally, beach lovers will be able to go into the sea here and enjoy a swim whilst those who love the sun will be able to stay out and soak up the rays it has to offer, therefore providing those who are looking to get away from the city life and are seeking a relaxing vacation the chance to achieve exactly that.

Individuals who do not suffer from a fear of heights can use the 75-foot observation tower that is located in the center to admire the views of the surrounding park and lake, whilst there is also the opportunity to head to the top of the Lighthouse that is located on Presque Isle and take in the picturesque views this has to offer.

Andy Warhol Museum

The legendary artist, Andy Warhol, was born in Pennsylvania – in Pittsburgh to be exact. Therefore, it is perhaps highly recommended to go and visit the museum that is dedicated to him and his influence on the world of Pop Art.

The Andy Warhol Museum pays tribute to the pieces that he created throughout his life before he died in 1987, with a variety of different pieces available to explore. In fact, the museum is the biggest in the USA that is dedicated to a single artist, thus highlighting his importance and historical influence.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

If you still have time to spend in Pennsylvania, consider spending some time in Amish Dutch Country in Lancaster County, the Loray Underground Caverns, Gettysburg National Park, and of course, take your turn running up the “Rocky Stairs” at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.