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Arbor Brisbane Southbank
6 Oct

Introduction to Fun Times at Southbank Parklands in Brisbane Australia

A Glimpse of My Unforgettable Trip to Southbank Parklands in Brisbane

Arbor Brisbane Southbank

The Southbank Parklands area on the south bank of the Brisbane River is undoubtedly the most happening and refreshing spot in Brisbane. It has been my most awaited trip for quite some time.  The outbreak of COVID-19 has surely done a number on us. We all have been locked up inside our homes with a fear of losing a loved one at any moment due to the aggressive virus. Throughout this lockdown, I longed to visit the Southbank, Parklands. I wanted to engulf myself in the beauty, the freshness of the nature that surrounds the place, and the peace that one can always experience.

So, finally, as the lockdowns began to be lifted, I packed my stuff and headed to Southbank. It’s an overwhelming experience and to keep it fresh in my memories I captured some shots of the amazing spots.

Experience Southbank’s Arbour

Southbank Brisbane Arbor

Beautiful with scented frangipani trees surrounding the arched trellises that fill it with a sweet fragrance of nature.  I marveled at the chirping birds, fresh air, and the soft muse of nature took me into a completely different state of peace. As I walked through the Arbour I felt rejoiced.

Visit Aussie World

Aussie World Southbank Brisbane

This is the most exciting place in Southbank, as Aussie World has enthralling rides and more. The place will give you an adrenaline rush. Trust me, there was hardly any I didn’t get on.  It excited me inside out. The music, the fun-filled excitement was so amazing that I could spend the entire evening there. I felt like there was a magnet of energy that was pulling me in.


What’s So Amazing About Southbank

Southbank Parklands Brisbane, Wikimedia

Do you know what’s amazing about this place?  It gives you a completely versatile experience. It lifts you away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The riverfront view with an undefined quietness is incredibly irresistible. The vast sea view made me want to sit peacefully for hours. It’s the Southbank Bayside where I rowed a boat and immersed myself in the serenity of nature.

This is one of the most beautiful and picturesque spots. It connects the river bay with the city. Boating around sunrise was the golden moment of my trip. The bright rays of the sun-filled place gave me new hopes and joy, carving a smile on my face.

Southbank Brisbane Travel Tips

Whether you are a night owl or an early bird, Brisbane is the best place to live in. The diversity of landscape and the richness of culture attracts everyone to its shores.

Here are some shots from the Wet ‘N’ Wild WaterWorld and WhiteWorld Water. These amusement spots will bring out the child in you. The thrilling water slides gave me a ‘splashtacular’ experience.

Southbank Brisbane Adventure Park

This is the most happening spot in SouthBank, especially loved by kids who couldn’t hold themselves from jumping around the place. The swings and rides, walkways, and the adventurous avenue of Southbank will add excitement to everyone’s day.

After my trip there were two things I couldn’t forget and those were the exotic pasta I had at Enoteca cafe and the incredible nightlife in this area.  No matter if you are a nature lover, adrenaline enthusiast or simply need a fun day in the sunshine. the Southbank Parklands of Brisbane is the place to be!

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