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Gap Year Travel Checklist
22 Sep

Essential Checklist For Planning Gap Year Travel

Your Checklist for Gap Year Travel Planning

Gap Year Travel Checklist by Jeff Nissen Unsplash

The story for many 18-year-olds is going straight from college to university. For some people, the jump from academia to even more academia isn’t what they want. The option to have a gap year and go travelling is becoming more popular than ever. It’s an extremely exciting option, and in the hustle and bustle you may be forgetting the most crucial things. That said, here’s our checklist for Gap Year travel planning.

Have you got all the necessary documentation?

When travelling having the proper documentation is essential. Visas, passports and any other necessary certifications are needed before you do any travel and if you’re planning to work when you arrive. Particularly in the day of Covid passports, it’s important that you are prepared. Immigration lawyers can give you the advice you need to gather all the necessary documentation.

Have you had the necessary vaccines?

Gap Year Travel Checklist

Travelling to and living in new, foreign countries might mean that you’re at risk to new viruses and diseases. That said, alongside your Covid vaccine, you should contact your doctor and enquire about what jabs you might need to be fully protected. Getting the proper vaccinations will not only keep you safe but it is often a legal requirement to enter certain countries. Protect yourself and protect others by making sure you take the necessary precautions. Remember in all situations, safety should always come first.

Packing light

Having less things to travel with will make travel much, much easier. Focusing on the essentials is a way to simplify your trip. A litre rucksack is ideal for travel.

First aid kits, bug spray etc

Bug bites, scraped knees or bumps and bruises are always a possibility when travelling, especially if you plan to not stick to tourist trails. Keeping a first aid kit handy is a smart precaution, and bug spray will keep the mosquitoes at bay.

Finding ways to make money online

When travelling you might need extra cash. Being able to make money online or while traveling will offer you an opportunity to get financial support wherever you are. You never know when an emergency might arise so, financial stability is important.

Travelling with a friend

Companionship is a very easy way to make any new place feel like home. Long plane rides or bus trips can easily get lonely and boring. A familiar face is always going to make a situation like this much easier!

Luggage locks

In the event that you have to keep any luggage unattended, a luggage lock will keep your private belongings more safe and secure. These operate everywhere around the world. Do everything to ensure you are not a victim of theft.

Gap year travelling can be a fun and exciting experience. The cultural education you receive can possibly be more valuable than anything you might learn in a classroom. That said, planning correctly will ensure that you stay safe and make the most of your travels. The experiences you have can create amazing memories.