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Caravan Travel Tips
12 Sep

How to Plan a Fun Caravan RV Trip with Your College Classmates

9 Tips For Budget Caravan Travel With Your Classmates

Caravan Travel Tips

If you’re planning a trip with your classmates over the holidays, you should consider traveling across the country in a caravan. These kinds of trips are the kind you’ll remember for the rest of your life, and you’ll get twice as much value for money.

Traveling can be a bit expensive, so you’ll have to plan your holiday budget carefully. You’ll most likely have essays to write, so put away a bit of money for essay help with professional essay writers. That should be a priority, of course. While paper writing services take care of your assignments, you can plan your trip.

Caravanning, when done right, is one of the cheapest travel options available, according to a recent study. In this article, we’ve put together everything you’ll need to travel across the country in a caravan successfully. Let’s get right into it.

Eat with Locals

When your caravan arrives at a new town, you’ll most likely want to try the local cuisine. The best way to do this while on a budget is by blending in and eating where locals eat.  Locals know the best food in town and know where to get it at the best price. If you follow their lead, you’ll get great value for money and an authentic experience too.

Pack Camping Gear

Camping when traveling in a caravan that does not sleep your entire crew should be at the top of your list when considering accommodation.  An excellent way to save money on accommodation is by packing camping gear. If you have tents and sleeping bags, you can find good camping sites instead of hotels.

Apart from saving money on accommodation, you’ll get to experience the magic of starry nights and sleeping in nature.

Pack All Essentials

This advice may seem like a no-brainer, but make sure you pack everything you’ll need before you set off. Trying to restock things you forgot along the way will severely deplete your budget and can ruin your trip early.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, write down everything you need on the eve of your trip. On the day of your journey, recheck everything meticulously before heading to the airport or train station.

Use the Internet

If you want to have free fun while traveling, you’ll have to use the internet. Keep your cash for must-do-bucket-list items, and use the internet to find the free and fun things you can do while in a particular town or city.

You’d find a lot of surprisingly exciting things to do this way, and you’ll be able to experience the culture of a particular location properly. You’ll also end up saving a lot of money this way.

Join Caravan Clubs

If you are camping in a caravan, joining RV clubs will save you a lot of money on camping fees. Some clubs will give you up to 50% discounts on camping fees in 1800+ camping sites across the country.

Make sure you do a bit of research before joining a club. And if possible, join a club with a lot of camping sites along the route you’re planning to travel.

Plan for Bad Weather

Nature is unpredictable, so while you might be planning a holiday full of fun and sunshine, the weather may have other plans. So when planning your holiday, plan for rainy days that you’d spend inside your caravan with your classmates.

Stock up on board games like chess, backgammon, and cards. You can add a twist to the games to make them more entertaining. The weather may take away the sunshine, but it doesn’t have to kill the fun.

Regularly Maintain Your Caravan

Nothing eats up your budget than your caravan suddenly breaking down while you’re traveling. It may end up ruining your trip entirely. Even worse, it might break up in the middle of nowhere and possibly put you in danger.

Regularly running maintenance at every stop is an excellent way to avoid this. If you can do it yourself, try to check on the caravan as regularly as every day, or at least once every three days.

Cook Your Meals

Catering for yourself may be the best way to cut costs when traveling. Rather than dining out, you should try to cook as much as possible. Since you’re traveling in a group, that’d be more cost-efficient than spending money on food every day.

You could all put money together and shop for groceries before setting off on your trip. That’d be less expensive than buying what you need along the way, and it’s also less stressful.

Get Free or Low Cost Souvenirs

Instead of spending money buying trinkets and other expensive souvenirs that locals sell to tourists, try to find ways of getting free souvenirs. Making a picture gallery is the most popular choice, but you have to get creative if you want something other than pictures.

Pick up locally crafts, local brewery drink coasters, or cheap t-shirts might be a good option, depending on your budget.  Walgreens in tourist locations, for instance, are known for selling t-shirts and ball caps for just a few dollars.


Traveling with a caravan, especially with classmates and friends, can be a thrilling experience. It’s one that you have to try at least once in your life. Luckily, you can do it without having to spend a lot of money. The above tips and tricks will save you 50% of expenses, and it’ll allow you to have a memorable and enjoyable trip.

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