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Malta Things To Do
19 May

5 Fun and Interesting Things To Do In Malta

5 Great Things To Do When Visiting Malta

Malta Things To Do by: Calin Stan

Located in the middle of the Mediterranean region, Malta is an archipelago situated between Sicily and the North African coast. The country has a very rich history because of its strategic position and is linked to different historic giants like the Romans, French, and the British.

Today, the collection of islands that is Malta is a very popular holiday destination. There are several fortresses and temples in Malta that date as far back as 4000 B.C. Apart from its historic places, Malta is also a first-class resort destination. There are many interesting activities to do here, and the nation certainly makes the most of its proximity to the sea.  In an effort to boost tourism as the country reopens after the Covid shutdowns, the Malta Tourism Authority is offering to pay you to visit the country in 2021!   Various coupons, discounts, and reimbursements are offered.  So, if you find yourself on vacation in Malta, here is a list of some interesting things to do.

Maltese Casinos

Malta is considered one of the top gaming centers in Europe.  If you’re ever feeling lucky on the gorgeous islands of Malta, you can test your luck at one or more of their lavish casinos. Gaming is very popular and the country has attracted a number of state-of-the-art casinos and online operations as well.  Some popular casinos in Malta are Casino Malta and Casimba slots.

Visit Valletta

Valletta is the gorgeous capital of Malta, it is located in the eastern part of the nation. It is bounded by two harbors- the Grand Harbor and Marsamxett Harbor. Both of which, grant tourists easy navigation within the country.

In the middle of the elegant city is Saint John’s Co-Cathedral which was built by ancient knights from various European nations. The interior of the cathedral is heavily and beautifully decorated with gems and rare paintings. Furthermore, there is an armory near the cathedral that tells a story about the lives of the ancient knights that erected the building.

Visit Popeye Village

Popeye Village Malta
Wikimedia Commons by: Michael Bauer

If you’re in Malta, you may want to visit the original scene of the famous Popeye movie. Popeye Village is a quaint little village on Prajjet Bay/Anchor Bay, near the village core of Mellieħa. Although it was originally built as a movie set in 1980, the village has stayed on the island and has become a popular theme park with shows, rides, music, character actors, and playhouses.

Visit the Barrakka Gardens

Barrakka Gardens Malta
Wikimedia Commons by: Robin & Bazylek

The upper and lower Barrakka Gardens are some of the nicest places to visit in Malta. You can enjoy a scenic view of the grand harbor from there. There are historic walls, around which the upper gardens were built. From there, you can enjoy the scene from the harbor from a completely different viewpoint. Furthermore, you can enjoy food and drinks while you lounge in the beautiful gardens.

The Lower Barrakka Garden, on the other hand, is less popular than its sibling. However, you can enjoy the picturesque view of the ancient Roman-like temple around which the Garden was built.

Visit The National Library of Malta

National Library Malta
Wikimedia Commons by: Scramble58

The National Library of Malta is unlike other libraries, its main exhibits are manuscripts, journals, and printed books that were produced in Malta. Furthermore, the library is the main source of Melitensia.

Located next to the President’s palace, the library is adorned by a statue of Queen Victoria and is open only during the day. Apart from the work of Maltesian scribes, the interior design of the library is also worth adoring.

One Last Recommendation

The islands that make up the Republic of Malta are famous tourist destinations for many good reasons. The Maltese Carnival- one of the best things about Malta, is a wonderful event that lasts three days. It is an event worth attending if you ever find yourself in Malta.