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Nimes, Occitanie, France
1 Mar

Unique and Intriguing Places To Visit This Year

Unique and Intriguing Places to Travel to Next

Unique Destinations

With a new year just getting started, hopes are high for a return to travel and gathering with friends and family.  During this time, people think ahead and begin making plans for the coming year and new places they will explore.  This year of shut downs has make most people more nostalgic than ever to hit the road or fly away to a new destination.  Realizing that many people will want to avoid large, possibly crowded cities, we would like to offer a list of unique places to visit for your next big adventure.

Some places in this world are hidden gems with great beauty and attractions, yet not as many people visit. Here is a list of unusual and inviting places to visit, crafted by

Costa Vicentina, Portugal

Portugal Beaches

With the stunning beaches, all-year-round climate, the Algarve attracts visitors from all around the world. Sometimes tourists take over the city in numbers. To many, this is not ideal for them since when they travel, they want a place where they can rest and enjoy. In the southwest part of Portugal, on the other hand, is a place called Costa Vicentina. It is among the untouched parts of Portugal. If you are looking for a place to have a peaceful vacation, this is the place to go.

It has untamed vegetation, long pristine beaches, and dramatic cliffs. Since it is a protected area, there is no development, and the Portuguese culture has gotten maintained.

Spain, Basque Country

Basque Country, Spain

The Basque country is located in mainland Spain. Despite this, it is a region that is different from the whole country. The region boasts its own culture, food, language, and even compared to the rest of Spain, it has different landscapes. When you visit Basques, you will get to see a new side of Spain. The region also has vibrant cities, and the nature is stunning. It is a destination where you experience some of the best wine and amazing cuisine in Spain.

Occitanie, France

Nimes, Occitanie, France

For most tourists when planning a visit to France, dream of the usual to places to visit Paris, Marseille, or Strasbourg, but there is a delightful place in southwest France called Occitanie that should not be missed. It is a fairly new region recently formed in 2016. It is a quite big area, and you can have a French vacation, enjoy natural splendor, architectural splendor, and delicious traditional cuisine.

Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt Switzerland

One of Switzerland’s biggest treasures, Zermatt Mountain resort, hosts the mighty Matterhorn. The Swiss alps surround it. It is the place to go to for those who want a very active vacation. Different activities are available, from cycling, hiking, and clay pigeon shooting. If you do not want an active vacation, cable cars are to take you up the mountain.

Outside of the resort, there is a village that one needs to visit while there. It’s pedestrianized, and the only forms of transportation are electric cars and horse-drawn carriages. Despite having modern hotels, the village still maintains many buildings that date back to 500 years. You can get to experience the culture of the people who used to live there.


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