Sydney Rainy Day Activities
21 Feb

Fun Things To Do on a Rainy Day in Sydney

Fun Rainy Day Activities in Sydney, Australia

Sydney Rainy Day Activities

Many travelers come to Sydney to visit 2  of the most popular beaches in all of Australia, Bondi beach and Marley beach.  But if there are showers all over the sky, then these beaches won’t be the best choice.  Don’t worry, showers can’t stop you from having a day of fun. There are plenty of very interesting fun activities that you must try out on a rainy day in Sydney.

Australia is probably one of the very few countries where you can’t predict the weather even by looking at the weather forecast. The weather bureau is not considered to be accurate in that part of the world, and there are many scientific reasons for this.  If rain has dampened your touring plans, don’t despair, there are many exciting fun activities that you must try out in Sydney.  We have provided you the following list of activities that you must check out on a rainy day in Sydney.

Indoor Climbing:

You must try out this fun activity as they are rising in popularity in Sydney because these activities help you to learn the art of competing, training, and conquering.

Indoor climbing is climbing at the artificially constructed wall with grips for hands and feet. There are plenty of indoor climbing centers available in Sydney.

If you have never done climbing in your entire life, then indoor climbing can prove to be the most exciting and most pleasing experience of your life. You will cherish these experiences with your buddies and family members.

Underground Bar:

Underground bars, often called closed-door bars, are social party place operated underground. As much as you like rooftop bars offering stellar views, There is always some different vibe to these underground bars.

Sydney consists of several Underground bars. There are a lot of good reasons for heading to underground bars.

But the main reason is their buzz and enthusiasm. Underground bars are designed in such a way so that you will never feel the late afternoon vibe, It always feels like a late-night party even at the time of 11 o clock in the morning or it is raining heavily, You will always feel more energetic and more enthusiastic in these underground bars

Indoor Mini Golf:

Golf is always known to be an interesting sport, only the people who play golf know the real importance of it. If you are a big fan of golf, then rain cannot stop you from playing it. There are many facilities available in Sydney for you to spend quality time while playing golf.

Some of the best locations for playing indoor mini-golf are Holey Moley in Darlinghurst, and Castle Hill, Putt Planet in Miranda, Unreal Mini Golf in South Penrith, Mega Mini Golf in Campbelltown, and many more.

Block-Buster Cinema

Watching movies on the big screen is always a treat to watch. It becomes even more entertaining and more refreshing if it is raining outside. People in Sydney are very fond of Hollywood movies, you will have a different experience while watching films in the theatre in Sydney.

The famous theatres in Sydney are Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace, Palace Cinema, Dendy Cinema, eVent Cinema and many more.  Every Place and region has different cultures, that’s why you will find the whole movie experience different from your conventional movie theatre.

Spa Experience:

There is nothing more incredible than relaxing in a spa, especially during the rain. Sydney also consists of many famous spas. Whether it is Salt glows, or body wraps, or any manicures and pedicures, You will feel more refreshing, relaxing after the massage.

The popular spas in Sydney include spaQ, Varda Spa, Orchard Day Spa, endota spa Martin Place, or many more.

So if you are looking for a natural relieving alternative during the rainy day, then Spa’s should be your go-to option in Sydney.

Indoor Ice Skating:

Another most interesting sport or fun activity to do in Sydney is having Ice-skating. It has also been observed in recent researches that Ice skating has many health and fitness benefits. That’s why Ice-Skating can prove to a blessing in disguise during the rainy day in Sydney because of its various health benefits.

The famous Ice skating arena’s in Sydney are Ice Zoo, Macquarie Ice Rink, Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink, and Sydney Olympic Park Hockey Centre.

Ice Skating is comparatively less time-consuming that’s why you can also try paintball and other indoor sports to make your day even more delightful and charming.


As I have told you before Sydney weather is unpredictable. That is why You must always have an alternative plan if you are in a middle of a trip to Sydney. Rain in Sydney can be a blessing in disguise for you, as it enables you to explore more and more things.

The above-mentioned activities are so delightful and exciting that you can even try out these activities it is not raining in Sydney.


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