Bristol Harbor England
3 Feb

10 Fun Things To Do in Bristol England

10 Things to See and Do in Bristol

Bristol Harbor England

The only thing better than the excitement and anticipation of a vacation is the holiday itself, and when it’s about Bristol, UK, it gets even more thrilling. To have all the fun you dream about, you need to have the money. Saving for your holiday can be difficult, but if you are clever with your saving tactics, you will be just fine and have the perfect trip to Bristol.

Bristol has a vibrant youth culture and there’s something for everyone. Whether you are a student or a family with kids, the historic port-city straddling the River Avon has plenty of surprises for every age group and that makes it popular for both short and long trips.

Have a look at Banksy’s street art

Banksy is a well-known graffiti artist and Bristol’s most celebrated work of art. The street artist gained his reputation when he shot fame, defying capture by police, bedaubing the city with his bold, controversial morals.

He is now an artist recognized all over the world and on a daily, he has customers flooding the streets to admire these works of art. To ensure you do not miss a single piece of art, maps and walking tours are given to all those interested. This artwork has made Bristol a famous city as such unique talent is rare.

Visit the Watershed

This is a site where you ought to visit if culture inspires you. There are three cultural cinemas, a media studio, events spaces, and a café-bar. The conspicuous building is situated inside numerous warehouses on Bristol’s harborside. At the Watershed, you can watch your favorite documentaries from renowned award-winning artists.

The renovated facility features almost every culture there is including the African culture. The list of famous places to visit in Bristol can never be complete without visiting the Watershed. This is one of its most famous cultural sites in Bristol city.

Visit the harbor and travel by ferry

Bristol was built on the slave trade that its docks and floating harbor enabled. You can either ride a boat or use a ferry to view the city’s beauty from the waters. Most people recommend the use of a ferry because it has a better view than a boat.

There are tour guides you around the harbor and even into the Avon Gorge. If you are a lover of the sea, you can hire a ship and have a wonderful night in the sea where you are served mouth-watering cusisine to tantalize your taste buds.

Get a tour of the Bristol Breweries

Did you know that it is possible to get a tour of the Bristol breweries? The employees at the factory are always ready and willing to give you a tour around the brewery while teaching you how the Bristolian beer is made.

If you have ever had a taste of the Bristolian beer, then you will attest that it is one of a kind. Why not learn the ways of the Bristolians and brew good beer too? If you are not interested in brewing the beer, at least visit the breweries for knowledge purposes.

Walk across the world’s famous Brunel’s suspension

Bristol Suspension Bridge

Wikimedia Commons by: Chris Lathom-Sharp

Brunel’s suspension bridge connects the genteel Clifton area of Bristol city with Leigh woods on the western outskirts. The bridge was built by the renowned engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

It sits 75 meters above the water below and it took a total of 33 years to be completed in 1864. The walk across the bridge is not an easy task. If you are afraid of heights, this might not be a fun thing to do. However, in most cases, even those who are not acrophobic never make it to the other side.

Have a taste of the sumptuous food at the various restaurants

Among the most important things while visiting a new siting on vacation is the types of food offered. The city is famous for its tasty food prepared by different restaurants. There is someone for everyone, even safe to eat street food.

Vegetarians are also catered for as there are restaurants that offer a specific type of food. The most unique fact about these restaurants is that they have specialized in diversity. You can find food from most cultures in the world only at the eateries in Bristol. There is no greater joy than eating tasty food.

Visit the outskirts of the city

The beauty of a city is not only found inside it, but also on the outskirts. Bristol is close to Wales and that is an added advantage. Visit the beautiful sandy beaches of Devon and Cornwall, which are situated a few kilometers from Bristol. There are national parks as well that you can tour.

On the way, there are beautiful sceneries that will capture your attention and make the trip to the National Park more interesting. Your visit to Bristol city should not end without visiting these places.

Get lost on the downs

The lungs of Bristol city are situated in an open green sport where nature speaks s everything about how beautiful the city is. The stretch is located between the Whiteladies Road and the Suspension Bridge. It is a relaxing spot where all Bristolians go and relax after a busy day in the office. It is often full on weekends and public holidays. The downs are very spacious and appropriate for team building and family days out. The natural view and fresh air are therapeutic to the brain. It is a top spot that you must visit every time you are in Bristol.

Be bowled over at the lanes

The central bowling alley is a perfect spot to take your girlfriend or boys club for a night toast. You will enjoy the amazing music played by the live band. Here, you can let loose as you enjoy a British pizza, drinks or play casino. The lanes are the spot to host your birthday or some other event with friends and family. When you get bored with the engaging activities, you can walk around because the place has beautiful scenery.

Try Bristol’s street food

Bristol has a rich tradition from music, dress code to sports but if you visit Bristol, try the street foods. Bristol is home to hundreds of nationalities, and the street food is a combination of only the best. The open markers are always full over the lunch hour as locals enjoy different ethnic delicacies. You can try the English cake, Indian curries, Jamaican chicken and hundreds of other mouth-watering meals that are served hot.


There are various places to see and things to do whenever you visit Bristol. One trip is not enough to cover all these amazing places and activities. One thing for sure is that you can never get bored while in Bristol. Save up your money and visit Bristol City on your next vacation.


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