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Beach Caves, Algarve Portugal
2 Feb

3 Day Itinerary: Best Scenic Things To Do in The Algarve

Top Scenic Things To Do in The Algarve in 3 days

Algarve Beaches, Portugal

Discover what to do in The Algarve in 3 days. Best beaches, surfing spots, hiking, sightseeing, caves, and grottoes!  With many stunning beaches and cliffs, it’s no wonder why The Algarve is among Europe’s favourite holiday destinations. If you are visiting The Algarve only for 3 days you´ll better want to know exactly where to go, so you can make the most out of your time!

First, let’s explore an amazing hiking trail!

Seven Hanging Valleys Trail

The trail is located in the municipality of Lagoa. You can start the trail in Praia da Marinha and end it in Praia de Vale Centianes or hike the other way around.  The Seven Hanging Valleys Trail takes you through breathtaking views and some natural hidden gems. During your hike you will come across Praia da Marinha, Praia de Benagil, Alfanzina Lighthouse, Carvalho Beach, Praia de Vale Centianes.

Praia da Marinha Algarve Portugal
Wikimedia Commons by: Had01 at Czech Wikipedia

The multi-colour cliffs contrast with the turquoise waters, you´ll be able to see natural arches that form in the rocks, and you´ll get a grasp from the top of the popular Benagil Cave, that can be only reached from the water.  Remember to bring comfortable hiking shoes! In general, the difficulty of the trail is moderate but it can take up to 2 and a half hours to get to one end. If that’s enough for you, you can always take a taxi on your way back!

But if you are of the adventurous kind, I am sure you´ll dare to walk back again!  The easiest way to get to Praia da Marinha to start the trail is by car, there you´ll find a parking lot.  Otherwise, if you are in Lagoa, it is more convenient to head to Carvoeiro and start the trail there. You can take a 10-minute bus or go by car, in this case, you might want to arrive early, as there’s only a small parking lot that gets full really quick, also it is a great idea to avoid the burning sun.  With this unique trail plus exploring some beaches during your walk, I believe you have your first day in The Algarve covered!

Now let’s dive into the wavy waters of The Algarve coast!

The best beaches for surfing in The Algarve!

Surfing Beaches, Algarve Portugal

The Algarve is a privileged surfing area in Portugal with great beaches and waves for all levels. If you would like to improve your surfing skills, take your first surfing lesson or just enjoy watching others do their magic, you should include one of these beaches in your itinerary!

Praia da Amoreira

It is a great beach for surfing all year-round, and besides surfing, it is also a beautiful spot surrounded by sand dunes and cliffs. As stated in the surf-forecast,the best conditions reported for surf at Amoreira occur when a West swell combines with an offshore wind direction from the Southeast. A good choice for surfers and families!

Praia do Arrifana

Praia do Arrifana offers two spots. The beach break, which works for surfers of all levels and where the bottom of the sea is sandy. Then, there´s the rock at the top end of the bay, which is for advanced surfers. It is a powerful right wave and the bottom of the sea is rocky. Watch out for that!

The beach is beautiful, with an urban touch that makes it appealing to find a good restaurant or bar and enjoy the view and the surfers´twirls!

Praia do Amado

On the Atlantic coast too, but further South to Amoreira beach, you can find Praia do Amado.  Amado beach offers a wide variety of wave conditions, it receives big and consistent waves almost all year-round.  The best tide is low, but you are also able to find waves on any tide as well.  Be aware that Amado beach has some rocks hidden in the water, so you might want to be sure of your skills before getting in there.

Benagil Cave

Last but not least, when visiting The Algarve you cannot miss the caves and grottoes that extend all over the region.  The one you cannot miss is Benagil Cave also known as Algar de Benagil. Benagil Cave is one of the most popular places to visit in Portugal, and it is recognized worldwide. The cave is located in the beach of Benagil, very close to the city of Lagoa. It is a cave formed on the sea with a big hole on the top, known as “the eye”.

You can explore the top of the cave and the cliffs on foot, but you can only access the cave through the sea. Here you can take a look at some tours that take you to discover Benagil Cave and a lot more fun!  Also, if you like adventure you can reach the cave in a kayak or SUP board, another alternative is swimming to the caves, but we only recommend this for experienced swimmers because the currents and the sea can be dangerous.

To sum up, if you follow this itinerary I believe you will get to know some of the best places of The Algarve and make the most out of your 3 days in Costa de Prata! I am sure you would like to come out for more!

About The Author:  Anto Cravero  is a professional English into Spanish translator and content writer. It is through words that she helps adventure and tourism businesses expand into the Spanish-speaking world.