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Mykonos Villa Rentals
27 Jan

Find Your Perfect Luxury Villa Rental in Mykonos, Greece

Characteristic Charms of a Perfect Luxury Villa in Mykonos

Mykonos Travel Tips

Mykonos is one of the most popular destinations for travelers seeking sun and fun in the Greek Isles.  With over 300 days a sun per year, a lively nightlife scene and cooling breezes always blowing, it’s no wonder that vacationers are seeking luxury villa rentals in Mykonos.  The luxury villas in Mykonos respect the typical architecture of the Greek Islands, forming part of the landscape. So white, with their curved lines and glistening aqua pools facing the sea. Mykonos is one of the jewels of the eastern Mediterranean. Convinced to visit?  Let’s take a look at the many charms of a luxury villa rental in Mykonos.

The luxurious villas of Mykonos

Your kitchen in the villas, for example, is a true reflection of how exterior and interior speak the same language. From an overhead shot one can see how these villas adapt to the rugged terrain of Mykonos, with balconies to the sea that are the different levels of the houses, looking out to the Aegean Sea.

The more than 200 villas available from Divine Property offer a wide variety of vacation residences on the island. They differ in size, design, and amenities, but share a common aesthetic that combines a contemporary take on minimalist interiors with the typical architecture of the area.

Mykonos Villa Rentals

In other villas for example simplicity is not incompatible with the luxury you breathe. Open rooms, comfortable distributors, a decoration based on light materials and natural fibers. All these villas share the same Mediterranean spirit.

Traditional Cycladic crafts are perennial in these vacation homes, whose crystal clear pools come in different shapes, depending on the terrain where the villa is located.  Inside, the boho-chic decoration gives a huge relaxed personality to layouts essentially designed for the total enjoyment of its inhabitants. Dressing rooms in the bedroom, bathrooms with views and other surprises welcome.

One of these surprises is that of windows that connect directly with the pool of one of the villas. The views from the bed could not be more original and pleasant.

Deluxe on the outside and inside

Mykonos Villa Rental Tips

Peace is the word that best describes this scenario. Divine Property’s catalog of villas ranges from houses for up to 4 people to up to 32. Thus, it can satisfy all types of vacation needs, from intimate getaways to family gatherings, friends and celebrations. The spacious outdoor spaces, with hammocks, swim-up bars, pergolas and stunning views of the Aegean Sea, are the perfect place for guests to sunbathe, relax and dine in elegance and comfort.

From breakfast on the terrace and pool parties in the afternoon to barbecues at night with their cocktails, the villas are designed to enjoy life outdoors, with all the glamor of Mykonos. Of course, we can’t forget the spectacular sunsets!

The same attention has been paid to the interior areas, generally spread over two or more levels, as to the exterior ones, always oriented towards the best views of the surrounding landscape and the horizon.

Ready to dive into the luxurious world of villas in Mykonos for your next trip?

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