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15 Jan

How To Travel To Canada on the Cheap

Tips For Visiting Canada on a Budget

Canada on a Budget

Exploring The Beauty of Canada

Traveling to Canada is a dream of many people around the world. A truly unique country, Canada is blessed with many wonders, natural beauty, great cities, scenic landscapes, and friendly people. Canada has something nice to offer for every visitor. Regardless of whether you are into mountain climbing, wandering in rainforests, walking through deserts, skiing, or swimming – Canada has it all.

The Eastern coast coast with its rocky beaches, Ontario’s Niagara Falls, western Vancouver`s rainforests, and Calgary`s dramatic mountains are some of the sites well-worth checking. Canada is so big that you will require a few weeks, or even months, to explore everything there is to see from coast to coast.

If you are on a tight budget and still want to see most of the beauties, do not worry. Here we will give you some advice on how you can travel cheaply and experience many great things.

Getting a Canadian visa cheap

To get your Canadian visa in the most affordable way possible and most importantly without even leaving your home, apply online for eTA. Visit and complete the application process wherever you are.  Canada eTA is an electronic system that helps to facilitate traveling and obtaining entry permits quickly. Most applications are approved within a few minutes!

For a cost of only 49 Euro, applicants get a 5-year multiple-entry permit to Canada. Each stay can be as long as 6 months.  All you need to apply is a valid passport and an active e-mail address. Approved eTA will arrive at your e-mail box in a PDF form.

Traveling to and in Canada on a Budget 

Reaching Canada cheaply can be done with good planning. Choose a budget airline and book your tickets a few months in advance. Many companies offer low-cost airline tickets if you reserve early, so this is an excellent way to get to Canada inexpensively.

When you finally reach Canada, choose train or bus as means of transport in the country. The rail system in Canada is pretty good and extensive, connecting all significant places.

Canada Trains

Economy class tickets are very affordable, so you can easily travel and enjoy the views.  The bus system also functions very well, and bus tickets between cities in Canada are very cheap.  If traveling by train or bus is not for you, then another affordable way of travel is to rent a car.

Finding Affordable Accommodation In Canada 

Finding cheap accommodation in Canada is very easy to do. Specialized websites like Airbnb or Booking offer all kinds of accommodation for travelers on a budget. These are popular platforms for finding affordable housing everywhere in Canada, and they are very safe to use.

Couchsurfing is another option for adventurous visitors and backpackers. If you are a nature lover and look to spend quality time wandering around forests, mountains, and national parks, then camping is a great option. There are many camps in Canada, and a large majority of them are incredibly cheap.  Just set up a tent for a small fee and enjoy! Finally, hostels are another budget-friendly option for travelers, fully equipped with everything necessary for a pleasant stay.

Inexpensive Attractions In Canada

When it comes to cheap ways to experience fun times in Canada, there are plenty of things available to you.

You can try:

  • free tourist bus tours in cities,
  • check out local food and drink festivals and local markets
  • take a walk to enjoy many local parks
  • go for a hike along one of the many scenic trails
  • attend free music concerts,
  • art exhibitions,
  • and cultural shows.

Granville Market VancouverYou can also use coupons to get many discounts for visiting local attractions, going on excursions, or attending various events.   Canada is blessed with many wonderful National Parks that should not be missed.

Final words

Little planning can help you a lot for having a budget-friendly Canada trip. Consider the tips mentioned here and enjoy a cheap holiday in the beautiful country of Canada.