Top Tansania Safari Camps
4 Jan

Top 3 Safari Parks to Visit in Tanzania

Top 3 Safari Parks in Tanzania for Wildlife Viewing

Top Tanzania Safari Camps

Tanzania is an attractive and unique travel destination for adventurers and nature lovers who want to experience the best of Africa’s game parks. There are dozens of great attractions worth visiting, each one distinguished with exceptional beauty.

Tanzania has 17 national parks, 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as well as dozens of game reserves, conservation areas, and marine parks. Besides all of that, Tanzania is the home of the highest mountain in Africa – the famous Mount Kilimanjaro.  With all these amazing parks to visit, it will help to know our pick of the top three safari parks in Tanzania

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Safari In Tanzania And Top Parks To Visit 

There are plenty of options available to you when it comes to safari parks. Each one has its special appeal, so it is a matter of personal preference. The main thing for you to choose is whether to visit the Northern or Southern part of Tanzania.

The North part of the country is very well-known for its fantastic wildlife parks and numerous attractions. The best months to visit is during the dry season, which spans between June and October.

Here are the best three parks to visit for having a unique safari adventure in Tanzania.

The Serengeti 

This park is home to numerous African predators and is the stomping ground of millions of animals. Beautiful grass plains, odd trees, and phenomenal wildlife are what this park is all about.

The Serengeti national park is the Big Five (elephant, lion, rhino, buffalo, and leopard) game viewing territory and is a truly amazing place to visit. There is a quiet and busier part of it, so explore it and enjoy the scenery.


Tarangire is a quieter but equally popular park as Serengeti. The migration of thousands of elephants happens between July and November, which is the best time to visit the park to see the spectacular sights.

Besides elephants, there are:

  • gazelle,
  • buffalo,
  • cheetah,
  • giraffe,
  • hippopotamus,
  • and hundreds of other wildlife species.


This national park is the largest in Tanzania and is located in the middle of the country. Big cats and incredible wilderness are the things that make this park a wonderful place to visit.

If you wish to see a place where all of its wilderness has been preserved, the Ruaha park is the one. It’s not the easiest ride to explore this park, but it’s very much worth it!

See over 300 species of birds, elephants, wild cats, zebras, crocodiles, hippos, and so much more!

Final words

Picturesque scenery, rich wildlife, fantastic culture, and friendly hosts are some things that make Tanzania a great place to visit.

Get your visa online to save yourself from the hussle and plan your trip to see as much as possible!