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Bachelor Weekends in Europe
2 Apr

5 Top Bachelor Weekend Destinations in Europe

5 Best Destinations for a Bachelor’s Weekend in Europe

Europe is known for some of the best party destinations in the world and is packed with plenty of amazing options for any bachelor to enjoy. If you are planning to tie the knot in a few weeks and are running errands for your wedding preparation, then you deserve a break from your hectic schedule.  Whether you are looking for something unique, or wish to visit some of the most popular party destinations, here is a list of the 5 best European cities for a bachelor’s weekend in Europe.

Bachelor Weekends in Europe

While visiting a local bar with friends and getting drunk is one of the most common ways to celebrate a bachelor’s party, there are plenty more exciting options available. Why not go for a bachelor’s weekend trip and make some amazing memories that you and your friends can laugh about forever? From relaxing on the beaches of Ibiza to hosting an epic bachelor party in Hungary, Europe has a lot in store for those looking to celebrate a bachelor’s weekend.


Ibiza is one of the most famous locations for bachelor weekends. Known for its amazing nightlife, Ibiza is home to some of the world’s biggest DJs and club brands. The White Isle is also known as the original party island of Europe, and is, therefore, the perfect place to celebrate a bachelor weekend. Being one of the top international party destinations, Ibiza will guarantee you a good time.

Ibiza Bachelor Weekend

If you are planning to take a large group of guys for an adventure-filled weekend in Ibiza, then you can head to the beaches, or take a booze cruise around the harbour before hitting the pub for a night of madness. In the daytime, you can go paint-balling outside San Antonio or take part in water sports such as parasailing, wakeboarding, snorkelling, jet skiing or even scuba diving.


A historical city with a quirky nature, Budapest offers a wide range of amazing attractions and activities for a bachelor’s weekend. The bustling Lizst Ferenc Square in Budapest boasts some of the most amazing bars and cafes in the city. Once you are done with checking out the immense architecture of the city, you can head to the ‘ruin pubs’ surrounded by ancient walls that are famous for their unparalleled craft beer. Depending on your choice of nightlife, you can either visit the epic nightclubs in the city, which are bustling with the beats of top DJs, or visit a chic and classic wine, cellar which offers a great ambiance and some extraordinary wine. To overcome your hangover, you can indulge yourself in a relaxing spa treatment offered at the most affordable prices across the city. If you prefer to try out something more exciting, then you can take your guests for some adrenaline-pumping extreme sports and end the day by enjoying a luxurious riverboat cruise across the Danube River.


The capital city of Spain, Madrid is also known as a nocturnal city. As the people here love to go out and enjoy great nightlife, it’s a great place to celebrate with friends. The city hosts some of the most energetic and vibrant stag dos, which are packed with lively people from all over Europe. To make the most of your Spanish experience, you can enjoy a tapas bar tour, host a private flamenco show or completely disconnect from the world at the ‘hangover’ spas. For football fanatics, a trip to Madrid would be incomplete without visiting Real Madrid’s home ground.


Another European destination popular for its buzzing nightlife, affordable prices and unlimited options for bachelor parties is Prague. The city offers some of the best stag activities, such as tank driving, target shooting, quad biking, rifle shooting, white water rafting, etc., all of which are perfect for a bachelor’s weekend. To make your weekend even more memorable, you can head to a Beer Spa or spend an evening at some of the great casinos and bars in the city.

Beer Brike Bachelor weekend


Another famous destination for celebrating bachelor parties in Europe is Amsterdam. The city offers numerous activities, such as liquor sprints, beer bikes, bubble football, river cruise barbeques, and more.  Whether you want to sip on some Dutch beer, enjoy some vibrant music or visit the bustling hotspots of the city, you can tick all the boxes of your bachelor’s weekend in Amsterdam. This city will make sure you have an unforgettable time, no matter what you’re into.