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Alibag Beach
26 Mar

Visit Alibaug: India’s Coastal Paradise

Alibaug: The Ideal Coastal Getaway

Alibaug Beach

Flickr by: Tomas Belcik

Have you ever wished to escape to a glittering, coastal paradise? To immerse yourself in a fresh new culture rich with activities, adventure, and amazing discoveries? Well, Alibaug is just the place for you!

Known as one of the most beautiful coastal getaways, Alibaug is recognized as a popular tourist destination in Maharashtra, India, and is situated in a variety of beaches. This coastal town is made up of a lot of railways, roads, and ferry routes that connect it to a wide range of destinations so that, in just a short amount of time, tourists can experience sightseeing at its finest. It is located 95 kilometres from Mumbai and is most known for its catamaran rides to the Gateway of India, Mumbai, and other holiday adventures.

Kolaba Fort Alibaug

Flickr by: Vikas Rana

There are a lot of beaches that you can visit in Alibaug. The most popular beach there is the black-sand Alibaug Beach, which is also known to be one of the cleanest beaches in India. From this beach, one can see the Kolaba fort, which was once the cornerstone of the Maratha Empire and is still in excellent shape. It is recommended to visit this beach on the weekdays so that you can avoid crowds and enjoy a private beach experience.

Another popular beach is Akshi Beach, located six miles from Alibaug. This beach is perfect for kids and waders because of its flat surface that extends over a long distance. Its scenic beauty has also been the shooting sight of Bollywood movies, television commercials, and soap operas.

Nagaon Beach is another popular tourist destination which is notorious for its coconut and beetle nut plantations. Waters sports are also the main activity on this beach.

The Mandawa Beach is located approximately twenty kilometres north of Alibaug and is known for housing the holiday houses of many celebrities. It can be reached through ferry services from Mumbai to Mandawa and offers an amazing view of the Gateway of India. Kashid Beach can also be reached by ferry services and is recognized as one of the best maintained and clean beach in the region.

Mandwa Beach India

Wikimedia Commons by: Karthik Nadar

One of the popular forms of accommodation in Alibaug is villas, and there are hundreds of Alibaug villas on rent. Many Alibaug villas offer numerous facilities and qualities that can cater to both your needs and your wants.

For example, villas can range from different styles. You can rent a luxurious villa, such as the Palmeraie villa, which intends to give its guests a “home away from home.” The Palmeraie villa has five air-conditioned rooms, three bedrooms with king-size beds with large windows and balconies to make nature ever more close to you. It is also surrounded by numerous palm trees making your home away from home more scenic than ever.

Rosa, by Vistarooms, is another popular villa that has a lot of amenities perfect for a large group of friends and family. Among some of the many facilities include an outdoor house, a fruit garden, a pool, a lawn, and a terrace. It also has a sunlit patio and numerous mango, chikoo, and bamboo trees.

Villa Beira Mar by Lohono Stays, located on Kihim Beach, is another magnificent villa that offers its guests an unforgettable ocean view. It has five bedrooms that can accommodate up to ten guests. It has a game room, is a staffed property, and even includes housekeeping. There are plentiful Alibaug villas on rent that are offered to tourists so that you can enjoy your stay to the fullest.

One of the best times to visit Alibaug is from November to July. The climate is cold and dry from November to February and starts to rise to mellow and favorable temperatures from March until June. August is not normally a good time to visit Alibaug, as this is when the monsoon period occurs.

The activities tourists can participate, and the possibilities you can explore in Alibaug are endless. From Alibaug’s copious sandy beaches to superb accommodation that feels like home combined with nature, Alibaug has been recognized as not only of the most diverse tourist spots but an incredibly popular getaway for a good reason. If you want to experience a whole new world, Alibaug is just the right place for you.