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Traveling With Dogs in Italy
21 Mar

How To Travel With Your Dog in Italy

How Can You Travel with Your Dog in Italy? Discover Our Tips!

Traveling With Dogs in Italy

Many pet owners are very interested in the fact that they can visit Italy with their four-legged friend. Unfortunately, this is only possible if you prepare for this trip well in advance. You will need to do your research and prepare all the necessary documents and be aware of some important points about traveling with your dog in Italy.

Italy is far from a country that worships dogs, nevertheless, they are friendly to many pets. So, can you travel with your dog in Italy? To make your trip stress-free and enjoyable, you definitely need to familiarize yourself with the important information and regulations for traveling with your dog to Italy.

Define the Type of Transport You Will Be Taking

Once you decide what kind of transport you will use, you will need to find out what requirements for transporting a dog that this type of transport implies. Since the conditions for each type of transport may vary according to the size and breed of your dog, be sure to check all modes of transportation you will be taking.

For example, even the size of your pet will affect the conditions of carriage. Larger dog breeds must be transported in the luggage compartment, but some airlines allow you to carry small breeds with you.  Alitalia for example allows some dogs to travel in the passenger section. Here you may find the rules of this company regarding traveling with dogs on Alitalia.  So as soon as you decide on the type of transport, you can go to the next point in preparation for the trip.

Border Requirements for Importing Dogs

Before you begin to prepare all the necessary documents and procedures for the removal of your pet, be sure to monitor if there are any changes in the law. And already in accordance with the updated requirements, start preparing documentation.

Moreover, if your trip to Italy involves crossing other countries, then you have to clarify the requirements for these countries. In principle, the conditions of European countries are largely the same. But for example, in the UK, there are completely different terms.

Therefore, clarify all these points so as not to get into a stressful situation. If you have difficulty translating any information, then you can ask for help The Word Point translation service’s specialists to deal with this. Here you may find all the basic rules for entering Italy with the dog.

An important note right now! Your dog should be at least 3 months old to cross the Italian border.

The Presence of a Microchip

It is vital to acquire a microchip for your dog. Such a microchip must comply with such a standard as ISO 11784/11785. But many travelers encounter such a problem as the presence of a microchip, but not compliance with the above standard. What to do in this case? Get a new microchip? Do not worry, you have the following options:

  • The presence of own microchip scanner.
  • It’s possible to ask the border guards for help.

But still, you better think in advance about such nuance in order to save yourself from unnecessary problems. By the way, there is an opportunity to identify with a tattoo. As for the tattoo, it should be done before July 3, 2011. Moreover, the European passport must be valid.

The Presence of Health Certificate

You will also need an international health certificate, so you should be aware of one important nuance regarding this document. You need to get in your country from a licensed veterinarian within 10 days or less before the trip.  And this implies that you have to take care of the updating of this certificate in accordance with the deadlines. Therefore, arrange with your veterinarian regarding this paper in advance and for specific dates.  Non-commercial EU health certificate for Italy will be valid for 4 months.

Availability of Necessary Vaccinations

You must vaccinate your pet against rabies before you travel. In some cases, your dog must be vaccinated 21 days before departure. But in any case, the presence of vaccines is a prerequisite for you to be able to travel with your four-legged friend.

By the by, if you and your pet will travel from a country that falls into the list of countries with a high level of rabies, it will be necessary to do a test (FAVN). It is worth noting that if the results are within normal limits, then three months after the result you can cross the Italian border with your pet.

How About Insurance?

Many dog owners forget about insurance, believing that this is an unnecessary procedure. Nevertheless, many experts believe that this should be done. Firstly, Italy has very high veterinary costs, so insurance is what you need.

Unfortunately, risks can be expected in the most unexpected places. For instance, some pet owners have a snake antidote that they keep in the refrigerator.

Also, Italians very carefully walk with their pet on the street, as they fear that their friend will eat poisoned food that is scattered around the streets. Unfortunately, this can happen.  Therefore, in addition to insurance, remember that you need to carefully monitor your younger friend.

Hint! If you are planning to stay in Italy with your dog for more than 4 months (the term while the health certificate is valid) make sure to contact the company specified in your insurance contract to get up to date information about how to futher handle with the health certificate of your dog.

Some Additional Tips That You Will Need

Now that you know the basic conditions and documentation, let’s look at an equally important issue. In preparing the documents, you can forget about some of the details of your trip. Therefore, we have gathered here several recommendations that will help you not to forget about the following things.

Prepare Food

No matter how strange it sounds, but in practice, many forget to take food to their pet. So to prevent this from happening, you will need to think about it in advance.

Prepare Bowls

Your pet may need water at the most inopportune moment and when there is no water near. Therefore, take the bowls with you in your hand luggage so that you can give water for your dog at any time.

Collect First Aid Kit

Talk to your veterinarian about which drugs are best for your pet when traveling. You understand that a dog can also get sick. Therefore, it will not be superfluous if you will have the first aid kit.

Monitor the Location of Local Veterinary Clinics

It will also not be superfluous if you look at where the veterinary clinics are located in Italy and even save some contact numbers. In an emergency, finding a clinic can seem like a daunting task. Therefore, do this earlier to be sure that you have thought everything through in advance.

Find Suitable Restaurants in Advance

Most likely you will not leave your pet on the street, in order to get dinner or lunch, will not you? That is why you should know in advance about which cafes you can go with the dogs. Do not worry, you will find such institutions. Moreover, in such establishments, your friend will be provided with water and in some even food.

Take Care of the Appropriate Hotel

Definitely, it is significant to book a room in a hotel where you can take your pets. Therefore, be sure to consider these nuances. Many people forget to check whether it is possible to stay in a hotel with a dog and then they are forced to run around and look for another place for the night.

It’s Time to Summarize

Now you have learned basic information about what documents you will need to prepare and what you might find useful. A journey with a pet is far from easy  -just as with kids. But do not worry, this usually seems so only for the first time.

Therefore, to make your trip calm and stress-free, you will definitely need to have patience and time to prepare. Spontaneous travel to other countries is not the best option, especially when you do not have the necessary documents for the dog. Consequently, follow our recommendations and then your trip to Italy with a dog will be exciting!