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Hotel Safety Tips
10 Feb

Simple and Effective Hotel Safety Tips

Concerned about the safety of your hotel room? Try these simple hotel safety tips.

Hotel Safety Tips

We all know that choosing your holiday accommodation is one of the most exciting parts of planning your trip. Checking in after a long, often uncomfortable flight is always a great moment. However, it’s worth remembering that whilst you’re on the other side of the world, your hotel room might not be the safe haven you’ve imagined.  Sadly, hotels can often be a target by thieves and criminals – they know that visitors regularly carry a lot of cash and that they may be quite vulnerable.

This isn’t meant to scare you; this is simply an opportunity to allow you to take extra precautions to ensure your own safety and enjoy every moment of your holiday without worrying. Read on for some simple hotel safety tips.

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Stay with Your Luggage

It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of checking in at your hotel. It’s busy and there’s a lot to take in. As exciting as it all is, you may find yourself easily distracted and whilst you have your back turned, you may just lose your luggage to an opportunist thief. Keep your items in sight at all times. Make sure anyone taking luggage up to your room actually works there!

Make the Right Room Choice

It’s always best to choose a room on the second or third floor of the hotel. First floor rooms are easier to gain access to, and any higher and you could be putting yourself at risk if there is a fire or another threat. Rooms on the second or third floor ensure that no one can easily break in through your balcony doors. And you have more chance of being reached by fire services if you’re not too high up.

Look Around Your Room

Your first task is to make sure that the locks in your room work properly. If they can be easily compromised then ask for a different room. Your room door should have a deadbolt. It’s recommended that travelers carry a door wedge with them. That way it can be pushed under the door for that extra peace of mind.

Don’t Open the Door

Don’t open the door to anyone you don’t know – especially if you’re traveling solo. Even if they claim to work there, it’s always best to call down to reception first and make sure. If they’re dropping something off, have them leave it outside the door.  Don’t risk anything.

Use a Flashlight

Having a flashlight on your bedside table is ideal. Especially if there is a sudden power cut, or you hear a noise in your room. You can quickly turn it on without fumbling around for the light switch.  As most of our mobile phones have a built-in flashlight feature, it’s handy to keep your phone on the bedside table.

Know the Exits

There should be a fire plan and exit route available in your hotel room and usually installed on the back of the door. Make yourself familiar with all the exits and how to escape in an emergency.  Think about what floor you are on and locate the stairwell as well as the elevators.