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Santa Cruz Seashore
11 Dec

Packing For a Santa Cruz California Getaway

What to bring on a vacation to Santa Cruz California

Santa Cruz Seashore

Santa Cruz, California like all of California, is an amazing place to visit. It has iconic historical locations, lovely beaches, and you get to enjoy the sunny California weather. To enjoy your Santa Cruz trip to the maximum, you should plan early. Your planning should include getting to know where to stay well in advance. Luckily, this is something you can easily access with companies like Surf City Rentals. If you are unsure of what to take with you for the trip, here is what to bring on a vacation to Santa Cruz, California.

A pair of polarized sunglasses

California is ever sunny. While this is the perfect weather for swimming, sunbathing and other activities, it can harm your eyes especially if you are not used to that kind of weather. As such, when planning for a trip to Santa Cruz, make sure to buy a good pair of sunglasses. The type you go for, should mainly be determined by tastes and preferences, but be sure they are also polarized to protect your eyes from sun damage.

A felt fedora 

Due to the hot California weather, you need to get yourself head protection. To achieve this goal, go for a felt fedora. These hats are breathable and protect you from direct sunlight, while at the same time protecting you from the discomfort that comes from sweat accumulating around your head. Like the sunglasses, the felt fedora comes at different prices. The one you go for should be determined by your fashion tastes. For instance, if you are into designer wear, your felt fedora may be more expensive than one that you buy in the streets.

Bikini for ladies and shorts for guys

California is fun, and one of the most exciting activities you will enjoy in Santa Cruz is swimming, surfing, along with other ocean activities. As such, you need to go there prepared, by packing up on the right attire. One of the best attire you can pack is nice bikinis and shorts. To have maximum fun with confidence, go for fun swimwear and perhaps one of the new colorful long sleeve SPF sunscreen tops.  If you know where to shop and have a good sense of fashion, then this should not be a problem.


California is hot, and this means you will be sweating a lot. To ensure that you smell fresh all through, invest in nice smelling cologne. Since you might find yourself in breezy clothing for most of the time in Santa Cruz, you might want to go for one with a subtle smell. The last thing you want is cologne that is so strong that it chokes those around you. So go light with the application.

A weekend bag

A weekend bag is designed to be light, but big enough to hold your essentials. It is perfect for carrying around the things you need while on a trip to Santa Cruz. When choosing such a bag, go for one that is colorful and matches your holiday color scheme. At the end of the day, it’s all about having fun, and your bag should reflect the same.