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Hammock Girl in Hong Kong
25 Jul

Quick Easy Tips for Planning a Trip to Asia

Quick Easy Tips for a Scheduled Trip to Asia

Hammock Girl in Hong Kong

It’s not that easy to plan a trip to Asia, but after reading this post you’ll surely know where to start. There are thousands of cities with almost unpronounceable names and countless options of paradisiac beaches that will be very difficult to choose from, however, that will become easier to choose from, as scheduling flights after a quick read.

The hardest and most crucial part of the trip is the length of your vacation (or the amount of days you are able to travel). It is directly related to the number of places you will be able to visit. If you are someone who can take a whole month (or more vacation time) all at once, do it, and enjoy!

Asia is one of those continent trips that deserves great enthusiasm, not only due to landscapes, but also because most countries are growing as business opportunities. Even the American Football Vice President of communications Brian McCarthy, announced that the NFL future wagers will pass through Asia and that they will try to book games in the continent, as they already do in the UK and Europe. So, more and more reasons to book your flight and check the booming market over there.

Once your vacation dates are defined, it is time to choose which countries to visit, the deal number of days to visit each country and how many flights you want to take.  To help you a bit, here is a list of countries you should consider visiting and for a recommended time period:

If you are thinking on actually doing an amazing trip to a country in Asia, there are two destinations that we highly recommend, and you should explore them at least once in your life: India and Japan.

India Travel Tips

India is more than a country. From one region to another, everything changes: it changes in language, the weather, the traditions, the cultural dressing and even religion!

India Travel Tips

Anyone who wants to travel to India has to mentally prepare for poverty, weird odors, dirt, chaos, constant noise and endless traffic. As you rise above all the negative aspects, you should delight with colorful streets, the best food in the world, the friendliness of people and a country of immense sightseeing beauty. It is the land of Bollywood, colored saris, Hinduism and we very much want to return, especially to explore the Rajasthan.

The climate in India varies greatly between regions. Overall, the months of November and April are the best to travel, as it corresponds to the Indian winter – and, yes, winter is most advantageous, as summer in India is totally unbearable.

Japan Travel Tips

Mt. Fuji with Cherry Blossoms

In Japan, the itinerary options are almost endless, and you will need to make difficult choices. It is advisable to book accommodation in advance (therefore, it is necessary to define an itinerary). All seasons of the year are different and appealing, but we would recommend the spring season as Japanese cheery blossoms are an iconic nature vision and you definitely should gaze at Mount Fuji during this time of the year.

The weather in Japan does not differ much from the four seasons of Europe, although winters are not so rainy. During spring many cherry trees blossom to pink flowers – such as the cherry blossom trees, which are already part of the country’s brand image.

Southeast Asia Suggestions

Cambodia: Minimum is 3 days or 5 days and the time I recommend is 1 week or 10 days;

Laos: 3 days is the least we recommend. There’s a lot more to it than you might perceive;

Myanmar: the time that we recommend is 7-10 days to explore the main cities and search the country of the lost temples.

Myanmar Travel Tips

Thailand: the country that should take longer to visit. We recommend 15-20 days to know mostly Bangkok, some beaches and temples on the north of the country.

Vietnam: At least 5 days for anyone who wants to travel only to Halong Bay, Hanoi and Hoi An or 7 days to get to know the North or South. 10 days to do a general quick run around the country.

What we actually recommend is taking a month or two off, study the seasons of the year: the rainy season (which changes radically in a super small geographical space) and visit these five astonishing Southeast Asia countries in one trip, especially if you’re from another continent.

 Written by: João Santos