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Become a Race Car Driver
25 Jun

All You Need to Know to Become a Race Car Driver

How exotic and exciting is it to ride a fast car? The thrill and enticement from being a race car driver. Ranking high in this professional sport like Lewis Hamilton.

Are you looking to pursue such a career? Then you are in the right place. This article will explain everything you need to know about becoming a race car driver. Read further and learn more about it.

Become a Race Car Driver

Becoming a Race Car Driver

The car racing sports industry is very competitive. It takes much more than just a mere dream that you want to pursue. It takes dedication, effort, and patience, among other which things you shall learn about below. Keep reading!

Shape Your Attitude

The right mentality is essential. You will need to focus your energy in the right direction. You have to stay motivated and dedicated to the task of being a professional race car driver. You will need to do all that is required to achieve your dreams.

Dedication means you will have to exercise daily. Change up your diet, spend time learning about the sport more than ever. Your attitude needs to remain positive, even though the obstacles you will go.

Take as much time to prepare yourself for this new venture you are about to take. It will no longer be a hobby or a time killer but a profession.

Build Your Skills and Talent

Once you get the right attitude, it’s time to get the skills. While talent plays a huge role in this, it’s not mandatory. Even an old dog can learn new tricks, just not at the same pace as a younger one.

You have two options here:
● Start racing under all types of environments.
● Head to school

Types of Racing

There are many places to start racing to get a grip of how it will feel like to race drive. You could try karting, autocross, or rally racing. These are but a few of the racing examples you can embark on to get you the much-needed training.

You will need physical practice if you want to get recognized in this industry. Practice in high speed, low height race car driving. Not the normal driving on a deserted road.

Something similar to karting. It helps you build momentum, maintain your fitness, and also keep track of your timing. Karting emulates race car driving by its simulation. You will get the same feeling but under less pressure.

Most of these karting games aren’t even challenging to start with due, to the internet. A quick search and that’s it. Join a club and get to training as soon and as much as possible.

You could also sign up for seasonal races which aren’t as expensive as professional races and championships. The tracks are an excellent way to get you ready for the professional world.

Racing Schools

There are many schools out there that train people on how to professionally race drive. You may know about the basics, but there is a bigger picture. You need to learn about the cars used in speed racing.

All the materials used, how to cut corners safely, rules and regulations, how to boost horsepower plus other skills. It’s not easy seeing that you will be driving in insane speed and under a tiny environment. Being a good racer is about learning how to drive such cars safely and in the best way possible.

Get Some Funding

What most race car tips fail to mention is the money you shall be investing in this career. Pursuing is one story, but driving is another. You will need a lot of money to dedicate yourself fully to this industry. From taking classes, using cars and even physical training. Leave alone participating in international championships.

Team owners rarely give chances to novice riders seeing that they are new and they won’t earn them anything. In some cases, however, they will offer you a seat at a price. Don’t be fooled, the prices are no joke. You can spend over €150,000.

Depending on the type of seaters if it’s double or single. Plus other factors like speed and political issues, the prices can vary. It’s also vital to note, that to be in touch with the high and mighty in the industry, you will need to beef up your game.

A good example is the Grand Prix competitions set to be in Abu Dhabi. There will be high-value people attending the event. To be part of it, you can rent a yacht to the game. This will give you a chance to network with the VIPs. Learn more about that.

With money being such a huge factor, you could find ways to supplement any incomes you have. For example, fundraising, open a go fund me page and tell your story. Let people support your dreams.

You can also market an idea you have and sell it to people. Save the funds you gather and use it to pursue your dreams. You can pitch your ideas and talents to sponsors as well. You might get lucky.

Make the Calls

After you have gone through the above three steps on how to become a race car driver, it’s time to put your skills to test. Use your contacts and network systems to gather up connections and resources that will get you driving professionally.

By now, it’s likely that your contact list has lengthened from school, sporting activities and the seasonal races you attended. Take advantage and source for introductions to higher people. These people can aid you to get a chance to join racing events or other racing opportunities.

Fulfill Your Professional Racing Dreams

Being a race car driver is such an exciting thing. The rush of adrenaline gets you coming back over and over. And even though the road to professionalism is weary, it’s worth your time and money.

Besides, everything is a whole pile more manageable with the above guidelines. Subscribe to our email or bookmark our website, so you don’t miss out on other exciting blog posts.