27 May

Classic UK Travel Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

UK travel: How to avoid the classic mistakes

London Changing of the Guard

The UK is regarded as one of the tourist hotspots in the world, with tens of millions of people visiting each and every year.  However like every destination, there are little quirks which make it a bit different. Some of these differences can really harm your pocket if you get them wrong, which is why we have penned today’s article about how to avoid the classic mistakes when visiting the UK.

Bearing this in mind, if you are contemplating a trip to the UK, read on to find out about some of the best do’s and don’ts of visiting Great Britain so you don’t fall into similar traps.

Mistake #1 – You only focus on London

This is arguably the most common mistake made by visitors, and it is for good reason. After all, London consistantly grabs the headlines from a tourism perspective – and it’s also probably the first city that you will land in when visiting the UK.

However, whilst it may have lots of the attractions that we know and love, let’s not forget that there are plenty of other worthy alternatives. Many of the alternative spots cost a fraction of the price of the capital, yet still offer plenty of things to do.

For example, Bristol falls into said category. Hotels in Bristol are an exceptionally good value and the city is packed with things to do; you can gain more of a “local” experience by venturing off the beaten track and by visiting beautiful cities such as Bristol.

Mistake #2 – You don’t take into account school holidays

We’ve just touched upon the cost of hotels in the last section, and how you can save money by turning to lesser-known cities. This next point focusses on one of the biggest reasons you can end up paying a fortune for hotels in the UK, and flights to get there.

School holidays are one of the biggest cost enemies of the typical holidaymaker. If you happen to visit the country during one of these holidays, be prepared to pay significantly more than at other times of the year.  Simply arranging your trip a few days either side of these can make a monumental difference, possibly saving you thousands in some cases.

Mistake #3 – You don’t live within the British hours

This next point will focus on one of the main cultural mistakes made by those visiting the UK. In most parts of the world, and in much of Europe, it’s common to dine out after 10pm. In fact, in some nations, it’s frowned upon to visit a restaurant before then.

Well, this is where you might be set for a rude awakening. The peak restaurant hours in the UK are typically between 7.30pm and 9pm. If you do happen to visit after 10.30pm, some restaurants might even decide to turn you away.

Mistake #4 – You rely excessively on public transport

This final mistake will probably affect those of you who are visiting London the most. With the underground train network providing so many different opportunities to get around the capital, it can be tempting to jump on the metro whenever you see an entrance.

However, now is the time to hold fire. It has been found that it can actually take less time to walk between some underground stations, and that’s without even thinking about peak hours. Not only that, but with prices for the underground network going up, walking can be one way to preserve your budget whilst also allowing you to see more of UK cities on-foot.