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Dubai Top Sites
15 Mar

15 Top Places To Discover in Dubai – Don’t Miss This Fun!

15 Top Places to Visit on Your Trip to Dubai

Dubai Top Sites

Being one of the coolest tourist places in the world, it’s no surprise that touring Dubai is a complete package of entertainment and adventure. There are so many amazing things to see and exciting activities that travelers can enjoy in Dubai, such as bungee jumping, dune bashing, flyboarding and more. For those who are planning a trip to this beautiful city here are the 15 top places in Dubai that will feed your soul:

Burj Khalifa:
The 828 m high skyscraper is often considered the top attraction in Dubai, mainly because it has taken the title as tallest building in the world since its completion. From the top of the 124 story building, you can view the skyline over the city. The building is surrounded by beautiful gardens and fountains on the ground. For all those who love doing something thrilling, you can do Bungee jumping from the world’s tallest building.

Dubai Top Sites

Burj Al Arab:
Burj Al Arab is one of the most expensive and luxurious 7 Star hotels in the world. The 4th tallest building in the world, it is situated right by the shore and is embellished with well-choreographed lights at night making it a popular photography spot.

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Dubai Aquarium

Wikimedia Commons by Leandro Neumann Ciuffo

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo:
You might have heard about and seen many zoos and aquariums, but this attraction is unique from other zoos. Here you can for instance, experience a boat tour of the whole place, go shark diving, and cage snorkeling.

Palm Islands:
Palm Islands is one of the biggest manmade developments. It is an artificial Island built by joining up two different islands. Tourists can do a lot of things around this massive island like underwater swimming, chill at the penthouse and freefalling over the palm. They can also take a ride of the entire island on a speedboat.

Palm Islands Dubai

Dubai Creek:
This is the perfect place to hang out. You can hire a boat and go to the other side of the port. The creek is seawater that flows naturally through the center of the city. You can enjoy many street plays and festivals that take place at the creek.

Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum’s House:
Being in Dubai and not having a taste of its history doesn’t seem right. The house of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum located near Dubai Creek is a few of the oldest structures in Dubai. Here you can get a glimpse of the traditional architecture and history of the city.

Ibn Battuta Mall:
If you are a dedicated shopper and love going to the malls you are in the right place.  Ibn Battuta is the largest theme mall in the world with over 270 shops and 50 restaurants. The fascinating architecture and designing of the mall is the real eye-catcher.

Starbucks at Ibn Battula Mall Dubai

Wikimedia Commons by: Joi Ito from Inbamura, Japan

Global Village:
Global village is the entertainment hub of Dubai. Here tourists can enjoy multiple activites like shopping, various shows including concerts, stage shows, special events and even thrill rides. You can also visit amazing restaurants and cafes in the global village. However, you may not be familiar with all the sites and activities available.  In such a situation, you can find help from travel platforms such as Agoda, Klook, Kkday etc, plus you can also use Klook promo code to get amazing deals and offers on-site visits as well as many adventures.

Deira Souks:
This is the most amazing shopping spot in the whole of Dubai. Here you can shop for gold, perfumes, spices, textiles and what not. The souk is a reflection of the city’s heritage and identity.

Dubai Miracle Gardens

Dubai Miracle Garden:
Dubai miracle garden is a natural flower garden on a grand scale. If you are a nature lover you definitely need to check this amazing creative art garden. You can enjoy walking through the beautiful flower paths and dining.

Jumeirah Beach:
It is among the most commonly visited places in Dubai. The beach is accompanied by a series of hotels. After roaming around the city and markets you can come down to the beach by evening and enjoy the sunset right on the edge of the ocean.

Dubai Dolphinarium:
At the Dolphinarium, you can enjoy the cool acts presented by the dolphins. The dolphins perform shows that include dancing and juggling and randomly playing in the water. It is an interesting indoor attraction in Dubai.

IMG World of Adventure:
It is a very popular amusement park in Dubai which is known for hosting many adventure activities like lost valley, marvel and cartoon network, plus you can shop for cartoons merchandise and you can also book the place for a party.

Far from the city, for those who want to explore the cultural history of Dubai, Bastakia (also called as the soul of Dubai) is what you are looking for.  Bastakia’s existence dates back to the time when modern Dubai didn’t exist.

Hatta Rock Pools:
These pools are a commonly visited tourist spot in Dubai. Situated near the Hatta village, the Hatta Rock Pools are filled with spring fed waters.  The narrow canyon passages add to the beauty of the place making it an inviting site to visit.

Traveling to unknown places, exploring the streets, culture, and lifestyle of people is the most amazing feeling. If you are craving a trip like this, then Dubai is the perfect destination for you. Here you can live the city life and experience the culture both at one spot along with various other fun activities.