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India Tour Guide
8 Feb

Do This, Not That, When Visiting India

10 Things You Should Avoid Doing When You Visit India

Planning a trip to India?  You won’t want to make these amateur mistakes.  These are some must-read tips that you just cannot miss on your trip.  As gorgeous as this country is, traveling here is a task. Despite all the research that you do beforehand, some information still never gets plated on a silver platter. Don’t do travel advice is one of them.

So, without any further ado, let’s get this list started with important things you should avoid in India, shall we?

India Tour Guide


Are you a fan of Indian food? Does the sizzling sound of the Indian street food entice every inch of your being? In that case, control your cravings and take a step back. Trust us; getting sick is the last thing you want on a trip here. It will not only upset your stomach but may expose your body to a bazillion diseases. So, try putting a halt to all your cravings whenever out on the streets exploring. If still, you want to try out the deliciousness on the streets, find a stall that’s filled with locals and partake in well-cooked food. Thank us later, maybe?


As simple as it sounds, the shoe affair in India is quite hefty. No idea what we are talking about? Don’t worry; we will break it down for you.  As we know Indian temples are no less than a spiritual haven in India. So, paying it homage with shoes still on is a straight up insult to the deity and religion. Same goes for the households too. So, the next time you visit any place sacred in India, don’t forget to take your shoes off.  You might want to bring shoes that can be easily slipped off and on rather than laced shoes.


Are you ridiculously romantic? Then, hold back your love horse because P.D.A is a big no in this country. Forget kissing or even hugging in public as it is alien to the majority of the population here. So, why grab unwanted attention? Do whatever your heart desires but with grace. We think you can manage that, isn’t it?


Do you love your proteins? Does a perfectly cooked steak take away a piece of your heart? If the answer to any of the questions is yes, then this country will come to you as a bummer. And traversing through it, we suggest you get this term ‘beef’ out of your system. No…No…There is nothing wrong with the cow population of the country, rather they do exist in abundance here, mostly ruling the streets. Still, it’s the religious sentiments attached to this animal that makes even the term beef off-limits. So, never dare to even speak of it here. Otherwise, Chicken and mutton are always at your disposal.


If your sarcasm reaches out to the audience a bit fast, then put a halt to it immediately as you land in this country. Why? Well, the people of this country don’t take sarcasm sportingly and it’s not only about the rural mass we are talking about here. So, in any scenario, if you intend to rant about the country’s politics, religion, and cricket, then we suggest you think again. Believe us, the wrath of the locals is the last thing you will want to experience on a trip here. Other than that, Indians are great at making conversations. So, never really hold yourself back from making these amazing bonds.  Believe us, it adds on to the fervor.


Dress codes in India aren’t too strict when traversing the urban parts of the nation but as soon as you move towards the rural ones, staying in the shadows is the best option. The most basic thing to avoid on this trip is skin tight clothes. Why? Well, it not only gets all eyes on you but also causes hindrance to your safety. So go easy on clothing while packing for India. If something feels impropriate, never pack it in the first place. Furthermore, pack as many scarves as you can, trust us; they will always come in handy.


If anytime on your travel you feel the need to drink the tap water, don’t!  It will not only save you from all the lethal diseases but will also prevent you from spending truckloads of money on healthcare treatment. Avoid tap water and in higher terrains carry bottles with filters so that you have your own supply of fresh pathogen-free water. Seems promising, doesn’t it?


The poverty in this country is not a new story.  You won’t even have to go to the slums to see it live in action. Beggars by every means take full-fledged advantage of that. Our only advice for you is that don’t fall for their plight at any chance. In most cases, they will follow you in groups and trouble you until you give them money (even the children). Contrastingly, in worst case scenarios, there is a high possibility of human and child trafficking rackets operating under the name of beggars. So, make your security the utmost priority.


If it’s cheap for you, then it’s not necessary that it’s still at its best price. And this is where you can lose all the brownie points on your travel in India. How to cope up with the situation you ask? Firstly, don’t fall for the prices vendors offer you on the streets. Study how the locals function and bargain until it’s negotiable. It’s simple you all, you will just have to make an effort. So, work on your bargaining skills like a boss.


This one is definitely a biggie, keeping in mind the population of the country. Why are we asking you to do so? Well, that’s for your own safety so that you can save yourself from unwanted groping, theft and even eve-teasing. As dangerous as it sounds, it’s just one measure that will keep you safe. But remember, we aren’t suggesting you miss the interaction or for that matter top tourist places. We think you’ve got us there, isn’t it?

About The Author:  Tejpal Choudhary is a solo traveller, writer, editor, publisher, and geocultural explorer with an emphasis on travel writing, landscapes imagined and real, memoir, poetry. He is currently working as an SEO analyst at AxisWebArt. He is passionate about helping people in all aspects of online marketing flow in the industry. Also helping business with search and content marketing.