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Bogota Columbia
4 Dec

Four Fun Tours to Take in Bogota, Columbia

4 Tours You Must Take In Bogota, Colombia


Bogota is the capital city of Colombia. Currently, 8 million people reside here making it the most populous city in the country. Bogota is also the economic center of Colombia contributing 24.7% of the nation’s GDP. Bogota is a transport and communication hub in Colombia. For example, the largest airport in the city, the El Dorado International Airport, serves 31 million passengers annually. Many of these passengers are tourists.

Bogota Columbia

Tourists come to Bogota to witness its rich historical sites and incredible landscapes among other things. The best part is that accommodation for tourists is not a problem. Sites like VisitingBogota can help you get a furnished apartment to stay in while visiting Bogota. Here are 4 tours you must take while visiting Bogota, Colombia.

Bike Tour through Bogota’s Markets and Restaurants
Bogota is a well-developed city economically, but the transport system within the city is not as good as it should be. For example, did you know that Bogota ranks as the fifth most congested city worldwide? On average, people in Bogota waste 336 hours annually sitting in traffic. Therefore, the best way of seeing the city without sitting in traffic for a long time is taking a bike tour. Usually, these tours are 7.5 miles long with stops at markets, restaurants, museums, and historical centers. They start in the morning when the weather is a bit cool. Carry Colombian pesos with you during these tours so that you can purchase coffee and fruits from local vendors.

Walking Tour to the Gold Museum and Other Areas

Botota Columbia Tour
La Candelaria is a locality within Bogota. It hosts the old city of Bogota. Here, you can see historical buildings including churches and private houses. You will see libraries, universities, and museums as well. The construction styles are the most striking aspect of these buildings. For example, some of them have a Spanish colonial style while others have a Baroque one. The museums have contemporary look, but they house Bogota’s architectural items and documents. Driving a car or riding a bike through this locality is a fruitless endeavor if you want to fathom its beauty and splendor. A four-hour morning walk through this city would help you do that.

The Bogota Graffiti Tour

Bogota Graffiti Tour
Graffiti is an integral part of Colombia’s history including struggles against gang violence and political oppression. More specifically, Colombians have used it as a political tool of communication. Some of these works have become so important that they are a cultural part of Colombia’s history especially the ones in Bogota. In this city, many young people painted graffiti on the streets to express their opinion.

Tour of Zipaquirá Salt Cathedral

Bogota Salt Cathedral
This cathedral is unique because it is an underground. More specifically, it is 200 meters below the ground in the salt mines of Zipaquirá. These mines are less than an hour’s drive from El Dorado International Airport. Construction of this church started in 1932 and inaugurated in 1954. Thousands of people visit this cathedral annually. It has three sections. One represents the birth of Jesus while the others represent his life and death. You will see marble sculptures as you tour the cathedral. You will also see architectural details carved into the halite rock. This tour takes half a day. Transportation from predetermined locations in Bogota is possible, and there is an admission fee for entering the cathedral.