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20 Nov

Important Considerations To Know About Travel Insurance

Five things to know about travel insurance when shopping for a policy

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As a traveler, you will expect good things and would like to explore your trip to derive the best fun and entertainment. However, you should plan for various kinds of uncertainties of the trip. The travel insurance will cover various risk factors and you can accomplish your trip without financial loss. You should buy the right type of travel insurance plan as per the nature of the trip and the duration of the trip. The insurance plan can be purchased for an individual or group and you can buy a policy online or offline.

Important things about travel insurance policy

The following important factors will influence your decision about the travel insurance plan. As healthcare is very expensive in most countries, you should not travel without buying an appropriate insurance policy.  Be certain to see if your regular insurance will cover you at your destination and purchase a temporary policy if it does not.

  • Don’t delay in buying the insurance

You should buy the travel insurance plan at the earliest. You should also be aware of the type of policies available for purchase to cover domestic or international trips. For a student, a student travel insurance policy ideal as it will cover the travel, health and educational expenses in a very efficient manner.  For other travelers consider what your financial exposure is and purchase insurance to cover your largest items such as flights, health insurance, and hotel expenditures.  Be award that when you are traveling during hurricane season, once the storm is named, it’s too late to purchase storm related insurance.

  • Choose the right insurance provider

You can buy travel insurance online from well known insurance companies. The statistics of the insurance company should influence your decision. The insurance company should maintain the best network in foreign nations so that you will get cashless treatment for emergency hospitalization. The claim settlement ratio of the insurance company will also play a major role in the selection of the insurance company.

  • Disclose existing health issues

If you are suffering from health issues or have undergone surgery, you should disclose the information to the insurance company. The insurance company will be better equipped to analyze the risk in issuing an insurance policy. As a matter of fact, the pre-existing health issues are not covered by the insurance policy. Hence, the insurance company can reject the claim if you fail to disclose the information to the insurance company well in advance.  In some cases, insurance companies waive pre-existing conditions if you purchase your insurance policy within two days of purchasing your trip.

  • Travel insurance is mandatory in some countries

Many European countries and Western countries insist on travelers buying a travel insurance policy.  Often you can buy a travel insurance plan in the country you are visiting. The benefits are available in the foreign country’s currency with claims adjusters who speak the local language.

  • Connectivity with the insurance provider

It is very much important to maintain connectivity with the insurance company. The insurance company should have a support team and you should have access to a dedicated toll-free customer support number. You should have access to reach by email as well. If you have any queries, the insurance support team will advise you. As soon as you met with an eventuality, you can reach the customer support team so that you will get guidance and help immediately.

  • Insurance that covers health ailments

Most of the insurance companies will not cover pre-existing health issues. However, you can explore a travel insurance policy which can cover your current medical condition as well. If you are recovering from surgery or health issue, you can cover the risk with a reasonable insurance premium. To overcome certain health issues, you might need a change of place. Hence, you should buy a travel insurance plan to cover all kinds of risks. An online travel insurance plan can be customized as per your needs.

Tips to buy a travel insurance plan

  • For students – If you are traveling to a distant country as a student, you should buy a student travel insurance plan so that your needs are fulfilled in the best possible way. A student travel insurance policy is affordable and you can cover various risks of your journey and stay. The policy can protect your financial interests in a very efficient manner. If there is death or permanent injury to the sponsor, the insurance company is prone to return your tuition fee.
  • Single trip vs. multi-trip policy – If you buy a single trip policy, the insurance protection will be applicable for a single trip only. On the other hand, you can buy a multi-trip policy where the protection will be extended up to 365 days or more. You can carry out multiple trips within the duration and it is cost-effective. There will be convenience with a multi-trip insurance plan as you will not want to renew the policy for each trip.
  • Medical insurance – Even though some countries have socialized medicine, a foreign visitor is expected to pay for healthcare services directly.  For this reason, you need to purchase a health insurance policy in advance.  Consider if you would want to be treated there or if you need coverage that would fly you home for treatment.
  • Senior citizen insurance policy – A senior citizen travel insurance policy will be issued by most of the insurance company without undergoing medical tests. If the age is above 70 years, you may want to undergo stipulated tests so that there will be a reduction on premium. The risk with senior citizens will be high. Hence, you are advised to buy a separate travel insurance policy to fulfill their needs.

Is travel insurance similar to health insurance?

No. A travel insurance plan is different from the health insurance plan. A travel insurance plan is primarily intended to cover the risks associated with your journey. A student should buy a travel insurance policy as per the regulations of the foreign country and the guidelines of the educational institution where he/she is pursuing higher/advanced studies.

Some foreign academic institutions offer a waiver of insurance if they are covered by other insurance policies. If you buy a policy in India, you can pay a very little premium and the rewards will be manifold. Health insurance policy will cover the risks associated with your health. It will not cover the loss of baggage, trip cancellation, loss of items at home, etc. Hence, you should be aware of the features of a travel insurance plan and should buy the most appropriate plan as per your travel-specific needs.

Should you buy a group travel insurance policy?

A group travel insurance plan is affordable. If you are traveling with family members and relatives, you can buy a family floater plan or a group insurance plan. The insurance premium for a group insurance plan will be very low.

A travel insurance plan will cover emergency dental expenses as well. If there is damage to the natural teeth, the quick restoration will be done to get pain relief. Advanced treatment cost should be borne by the policyholder.

Will your travel policy covers the loss of travel documents?

Yes. If the insurance plan covers the loss of travel documents such as passport and visa, you will get compensation from the travel insurance company. The insurance company will offer assistance and pay compensation to get a new set of travel documents.

Will your travel insurance policy cover adventurous activities?

If you are participating in adventure sports and activities, you can buy an add-on cover from the travel insurance company. The travel insurance company will assess the risk factor as per the place of journey and type of activities being undertaken by the insured. You will want to pay an additional premium so that racing, trekking, hiking, parasailing, underwater diving and other activities will be covered by your insurance policy.

Will your travel insurance offer personal liability coverage?

If there is damage to the third-party due to the negligence of the insured, the travel insurance company will pay compensation to the third-party. The insurance company will also bear legal expenses in protecting the interests of the insured.

What are the benefits of an online travel insurance policy?

  • Convenience – There will be a great saving in terms of time and effort when you buy an online travel insurance policy.
  • Customization – The online insurance policy can be customized as per your needs.
  • Online calculator – With the help of the online insurance calculator, the insurance premium can be calculated in an exact manner.
  • Transparency – There will be great transparency in dealing with the insurance company. You can buy a policy and renew a policy as per your requirements. The policy document can be downloaded from the website.
  • Online payment – The travel insurance payment can be done online by using net banking facility or by debit/credit card payment.


The ultimate aim of a travel insurance plan is to deliver a hassle-free traveling experience. You should want to explore the best insurance plan as per your needs. As you buy a travel insurance policy online, you will get a discount and the policy can be customized as per your needs. You should be aware of coverage limits and exclusions of your travel insurance policy.