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Ankara Turkey
16 Nov

Top Sites to Visit While in Ankara, Capital of Turkey

Top Things To See and Do in Ankara Turkey

Situated partly in the region of the Black sea, the Mediterranean and the central Anatolia, Ankara is actually a province of Turkey which also hosts the capital, The Ankara City. The province boasts historical landmarks, Ottoman architecture, Turkish traditions and culture.

Ankara TurkeyAnkara enjoys a dry and hot summer, a snowy, cold winter and a rainy spring and autumn. Owing to its geographical location, Ankara is an important transportation hub and a number of government buildings, commercial businesses, universities and foreign embassies are seen throughout the city. A number of local and foreign visitors come to Ankara in their beautiful vehicles with impressive side steps, side mirrors, bumpers, etc. and roam about the various parts of the city.

The following fascinating spots make Ankara a real appeal for tourists from across the globe:

  • Atakule

The most famous landmark and a most visited spot of Turkey is 125 m high observation and communication tower located in a hilly district of Cankaya in Central Ankara. Sevilla, a revolving restaurant located in the open outdoor terrace, provides a complete panoramic view of the city in a hour. A static restaurant and a UFO café are also serving the visitors with their delicious items. There is also a shopping mall on the base portion of the tower housing different brand shops like Bilstein, etc. and small famous restaurants.

  • Genclik Park

Opened in 1943, situated in the center of Ankara City and covering an area of 38 hectares, Genclik Park is one of the must visit places of Turkey. It appeals to the local families as well as to the international tourists as a place of equal entertainment to the people of all age groups. This beautiful park features various tea gardens, colorful water fountain shows and the Luna Park Funfair Amusement Park. Besides, there is also a huge swimming pool, different carrousels and the Ferris wheel to entertain the children and the adults alike.

  • Lake Eymir

One of the landmarks and beauty of nature, Lake Eymir is the segment of a natural park having 10 km long perimeter being used by the people for jogging, cycling and walking. Situated at a distance of 20 km from the center of the Ankara city, away from the noise, pollution and the hustle and bustle of the busy city life, this lake is visited by a lot of local and foreign tourists for the of relaxation. Besides having various picnic spots and natural wilderness in its surroundings, the lake also serves as the home of more than 150 species of birds which enhance its natural beauty and charm the visitors. A restaurant is also there with its outdoor seating to enjoy the natural beauty.

  • Aqua Vega Aquarium

This largest aquarium tunnel of turkey, formed by 24 aquariums and having a length of 98 meters, is situated in the most famous shopping mall, Nata Vega Outlet 2, in Dogukent Bulvari, Ankara. Containing 4.5 million liters of fresh and salt water together with many other marine environmental characteristics, this superb aquarium is the home to almost 12000 marine creatures including various uncommon species of fish ranging from sharks and Napoleon fish to Koi fish and clownfish. Suitable for visiting with family and children, this amazing aquarium is an excellent appeal to the tourists visiting Ankara.

  • Ataturk Forest Farm and Zoo

Located in the municipality of Ankara and consisting of a small zoo, an aquarium, various agricultural farms, some greenhouses and restaurants, Ataturk Forest Farm and Zoo is an extensive recreational site for the people of all ages. Home to a number of various birds, big cats, apes, monkeys, snakes and many others, this zoo covers an area of 79 acres. Administered by the Ministry of Agriculture and Village Affairs of Turkey are a brewery and a dairy farm in this Forest Farm from where visitors can taste fresh products like a cup of ice-cream or a glass of beer.

  • The Ethnography Museum of Ankara

An informative and entertaining site for the people of all age groups, built on a Namazgah Hill in Ankara in 1928 and dedicated to the cultures and traditions of the ancient Turkish civilization is The Ethnography Museum of Ankara. The visitors can see the artifacts dating from the ancient civilizations and also some belongings to the great Ataturk Mustafa kamal in this fabulous museum. These artifacts include prehistoric manuscripts, hand woven clothes, wooden art pieces, Turkish cultural glass and tiles and the weapons used by the ancient Turkish civilizations.

  • Kocatepe Mosque

The awe-inspiring religious wonder, Kocatepe Mosque is the largest mosque in Ankara, built in 1987, with a capacity of 24000 worshippers at a time. Famous for its four 88 m high minarets round its main dome, this architecture wonder can be seen from any part of Ankara in a clear weather. Always open for the visitors, this masterpiece of Turkish architecture boasts the walls and the roof decorated with various cultural ornaments.

Enjoy your visit to Ankara and don’t miss these top places you must visit.