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30 Aug

Five Reasons to Consider Staying in a Serviced Apartment on Your Next Holiday

Ensuring that have you have a memorable and incredible holiday is always a top priority when booking your vacation. Of course, success is dependent on a number of factors, but one of the most influential is,. the accommodations you choose. Even if you travel to a stunning destination, try all kinds of new and exciting activities, and sample exotic cuisine, if your accommodation isn’t what you expected or need, then it can put a big damper on the entire vacation.  On the other hand, if you accommodation is something special, then your vacation will more than likely be a great success as well.

Serviced Apartment Travel Tips

One option that is becoming more popular as of late, both for short and long-stay holidays, is serviced apartments. Rather than staying in a hotel you will have your own home away from home, complete with the amenities you need.

Here’s a look at five reasons you may want to consider staying in a serviced apartment on your next holiday.

Enjoy Added Space

A serviced apartment has one huge benefit over most hotel rooms and that is space. In a serviced apartment you are likely to have a lot more space, including a bedroom, kitchen area, and sitting area. Depending on the type of apartment you choose, you can select from one or two bedroom accommodations, such as the ones available through companies like  You won’t have to feel as though you are crammed into one area and living out of a suitcase each day. Instead you can unpack, relax, and enjoy feeling as though you have a home away from home.

Full Kitchen Facilities

Another benefit is that you will have access to full kitchen facilities. This means you will have a refrigerator, stove, microwave, and possibly a dishwasher. You won’t have to eat out at restaurants for every meal and snack, and it also gives you a chance to try whipping up some recipes using local ingredients. This is ideal for those who have booked a long-stay vacation and want to be able to settle in.

Travel with Your Pet

If you plan on traveling with your pet then you know better than anyone that it’s not easy to find a hotel that welcomes them. You may have much better luck finding a pet-friendly apartment.

No Need to Worry About Parking

For those who want to be able to rent a car while on holiday, you also need to think about parking. This is another benefit that fully serviced apartments can offer, as you can look for one with private parking included.  Where many hotels charge significant fees for overnight parking, in many cases parking at serviced apartments is complimentary.

Choose from Fabulous Locations

Because furnished, serviced apartments can be found all over the globe, you will find you aren’t limited where location is concerned. If you want to be near a beach, the city centre, local shopping and dining, or attractions, the odds are high that you’ll find something that meets your needs.

Well Worth Considering

This is just a small look at the many benefits to staying in a serviced apartment on your next holiday. As you start to do research into the various apartment offerings and facilities, you may ask yourself what took you so long to make the switch.