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Train in India
30 Mar

The Smart Guide to Traveling Through India

The Smart Guide to Traveling Through India

You can fly into India from just about any major city in the world, but from there you’ll have many more places to visit and explore. Delhi is located in the densely populated northern region of the country. It can take you weeks to see all the sights here, but there are also other towns and cities that you should check out. Book your Delhi to Goa flight tickets before you depart because this is a must visit part of the country. Here is the smartest way to travel throughout the country of India.

India Tuk Tuk Vehicle

Taking the Driving Route

If you have an international driver’s license you will be able to just rent a car and drive all over India. This method of travel is good if you are going to be visiting many different towns in a short period. It can actually be better to just hire a rickshaw if you will be staying in Bombay for a week, for instance. Renting a car in India is inexpensive, but you also need to be aware that roads are clogged with traffic almost constantly.

Flying Over India

By far, flying is the best way to travel across India. You will get to your ultimate destination faster and airline travel is quite comfortable. You can book a flight months in advance or you can pick up tickets right at the airport. If your plan is to stay in India for an extended period, air travel will be preferred. You can get a shuttle from the airport to your hotel, making it possible for you to bring a lot of luggage. Even if you are going to be backpacking, you’ll need to take an airplane if you are coming from a far away destination. Make your travel plans simple by booking airline tickets to every destination you plan on visiting in India in advance.

Hopping Aboard the Train

Train in India

Travel by train is quite popular in India. Many commuters take the train to get from one region to another, and service overall runs in a fairly timely manner. Remember that India is a nation that is a billion strong, so you are most likely going to have to deal with overcrowding on the train. If you are going to travel via train, you may want to reserve a private car. Since it could take many hours to get from one place to the next, reserving a private train car will enable you to safely take all of your luggage, rest, and eat in privacy.

India is a beautiful country that has a booming tourism industry. Go see the Taj Mahal, or visit during a festival and enjoy the culture. If you have a tour guide, you will even be able to visit some very remote regions, discover the wildlife and make many exciting memories. Ensure that you trip goes as planned by creating an itinerary and solidifying travel plans well before you arrive. All you need to focus on while visiting India is snapping pictures, making friends, and having a great time.

Image Source:  Pixabay