Cape Town Beach
28 Mar

Best Beaches in Cape Town South Africa

Cape Town has some of the most picturesque beach communities you’ll ever see!

There’s no other part of the world that has its own beautiful and lovely scenery than the Atlantic coast of Cape Town. This enchanting place and South African gem is a must-visit for everyone and must have a place on their bucket list mainly because of wonderful mountains and the staggering beauty of its coastal beaches.

Cape Town Beach

In this article, let’s explore the hidden wonders of Cape Town’s beaches that will absolutely give you one of a lifetime experience for a perfect holiday vacation.

7 Cape Town beaches you should definitely don’t want to miss

Queens Beach

The Queens beach has been named as “big and mushy” by the locals and the surfers. Located at the southern end of the sea point promenade, the Queens beach is the perfect spot for enjoying a lazy afternoon. However, swimming isn’t actually safe but you can totally find it relaxing while watching the sunset touches the vast ocean.

You can go there by taking a bus and stop at the Queens beach stop or you can also drive. Car renting is actually the most ideal and convenient, it saves you a lot of time waiting for your bus schedule, plus roving around the area is way easier with having your own vehicle to drive around.

Sandy Beach

A sea of azure water, the sweep of white sand, and field of shrubland is sandy beach’s gem for attracting visitors. This beach is considered as one of the Cape Town’ sun spoiled or virgin beaches perfect for men and women but not for kids as it is only for nudist. To go there drive out of camps bay on the Victoria road and follow the signs for Llandudno through the sandy bay.

Glen Beach

If you want a peace and quiet beach for your summer escapade in Cape Town, Glen beach is your ideal choice. The beach is tucked away behind the enormous granite boulders and white sand dunes surrounded by small bungalows and the majestic beauty of the twelve apostles mountains at the backdrop. There are also several bars and restaurants to visit while enjoying the beautiful view of the Glen beach.

The best time to go is on late mornings or afternoon, these times are great for sundowners as the sunrise and sunset in the mountains happen.

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Beta Beach

Luxury bungalows, azure water, white sand, and tiny coves and beaches, beta beach surely is picturesque for all its visitors. This beach is perfect for viewing the sunset on Lion’s head and Camps Bay. It’s best to drive through the camps bay following the Victoria road, turn right on the beta road park to the beach.

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Dalebrook Beach

While roaming, feel the sea breeze of the Dalebrook beach. Thrill-seeker beachgoers or even surfers can enjoy the danger beach with its large waves and rip current. However, if you prefer safe swimming there are tidal pools that are made from concrete retaining walls which allows the waves to break over the edge which keeps the water clean and giving a safe and exciting swimming experience.

Windmill Beach

Surrounded by huge granite boulders, azure turquoise sea, shallow and safe coves makes the windmill beach a must-visit for every visitor. It is also safe for small children to swim and let them play on the white sand. The windmill beach is also great for kayaking and diving as it sheltered from wind and rocky inland reefs.

The best time to visit the beach is during the morning and early afternoon. You can drive through the Simons town to Froggy pond and take the Bellevue road pass through the golf course and park located at the bottom of the road.


Just before the entrance of the Cape point is the beautiful, white and sandy beach of the SmitswinkelBay. It is known for its perfect swimming environments as well as angling, diving, and snorkeling. You can experience the wonderful and rich marine life of Cape Town just by visiting the SmitswinkelBay. We strongly recommend to just rent a car long-term in Cape Town to save you some money and make your trip enjoyable and hassle-free.

You can drive and look for the signs on the M44 right before the entrance to the nature reserve of Cape Point.

The wonders of Cape Town doesn’t only end on its beaches but this South African gem can also let each visitors experience the great culture, gastronomy, music, arts, and wildlife. So, it’s time to explore and experience the chilly and azure water of the Cape Town’s beaches now.