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10 Mar

3 Memorable Outdoor Activities in the Poconos

3 Memorable Outdoor Experiences to Have ona Family Vacation in the Poconos

If you’re the type who loves being outdoors and experiencing adventure, then the Poconos in Pennsylvania is perfect for you. There’s lots to do in the outdoors that will make for some memorable times. Here are some you should consider.

Whitewater Rafting

White Water Rafting

Whitewater rafting is nature’s roller coaster, but unlike rides that you have to wait in line for forever and then enjoy for two minutes, whitewater rafting generally lasts for a few hours with times of extreme rapids and excitement along with lulls that are relaxing and enjoyable.

Pocono whitewater rafting is on the Lehigh River, and families with kids ages 8 and up are invited on the journey. Rapids are generally biggest in the spring when the snow melts and adds more water to the river. As the water warms up and evaporates in the summer, the rapids tend to settle down, but rafting can be enjoyable in both seasons.

Mountain Biking

Cycling Vacation

If you’ve ridden a mountain bike down a trail, you know how exciting it can be. The Poconos is one of the best areas for mountain biking, with trails that are perfect for beginners and those who live on the trails. Big Pocono State Park has 5 miles of trails, with the two most popular being North Trail Lower Loop and South Trail. Beginners might try the Rail Trail at Lehigh Gorge State Park. It’s 26 miles of easy downhill riding.

One of the most popular in the whole area is the Switchback Trail at Mauch Chunk Lake Park. It provides riders fabulous views. Blue Mountain Resort has downhill snow skiing trails in the winter that convert to mountain biking trails from May to October. In total, there are 22 trails with experience levels that range from beginner to expert. However, you should have some mountain biking experience prior to coming here.

Zip Lining

Zip Lining Vacation

If you’ve never been on a zip line, now’s the time to go. The twin zip-flyer at Camelback Mountain is the longest zip-flyer in North America, and you can reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour. Talk about an adrenaline rush! But that’s not all you can do here. Rush down the curves and drops on the Mountain Coaster or zoom along switchbacks and dips reaching speeds of 25 miles per hour on the Pocono Pipeline Mountain Slide.

You might also want to consider signing up for the Treetops Adventure Course. Strapped in with a harness, you’ll be able to explore the treetop course while viewing the beautiful forest and vegetation. In total, there are over 100 aerial obstacles that add excitement to your adventure. The full course is open on the weekends in May and part of June; every day from mid-June to end of October, and weekends in November.

After a long day of adventuring, you’ll want to head back to a comfortable, warm hotel room. Find Poconos hotels with the best rates from HotelPlanner. But make sure to book early, so you don’t miss out.

With so many outdoor adventures, it’s easy to see why the Poconos is a preferred destination for outdoor enthusiasts.