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1 Mar

Columbus Ohio for Foodies – Latest Food Scenes

4 Foodie Itineraries in Columbus, Ohio

For foodies, Columbus, Ohio, is likely not the first town that comes to mind as a place to visit. But buried in the Midwest along the Scioto and Olentangy Rivers, are several tasteful delights. Founded in 1812, the capital city houses an innovative food scene and renowned craft breweries.

Columbus Ohio Food Scene

After a 20-year beautification project, the city is currently witnessing unprecedented growth and is becoming a sought-after destination for travelers. As the city itself is on the rise, it only makes sense for the food scene to see dramatic changes as well. If you venture outside of downtown, you’d be surprised to find a diverse ethnic food scene that is a far cry from the Midwest reputation of meat and potatoes.

The city is booming with art, culture, and new eateries are popping up all around the downtown area. Let’s take a food tour of Columbus and find where to direct your cravings.


Always start the day with a satisfying meal. In Columbus, that means trying one of the fantastic breakfast stops available around the city. For an alternative to donuts, try Kolache Republic, offering delicious Czech pastries filled with sweet and savory flavors. Sample the unique kolache recipes that include butterscotch pear, caramel pecan, and bacon, egg, and cheese.

Looking for a perfect little coffee shop? Stop at Fox in the Snow. Enjoy a tasty cinnamon roll while having an actual conversation — because this place doesn’t offer Wi-Fi. Follow up that sweet morsel with the ciabatta bacon and souffled egg breakfast sandwich and you’ll forget all about your exile from the internet.

If you’re craving a donut, stop by Buckeye Donuts where every treat is handmade. Favorites include blueberry, apple fritter, and the namesake buckeye filled with chocolate and peanut butter.


Image via Flickr by TijsB

Looking for a gourmet tour under one roof? Try the North Market, a collection of various food stalls and fresh produce. Visit the Hot Chicken Takeover for Nashville-style spicy fried chicken or pick up a true Bavarian pretzel at Brezel. Try the Asiago Garlic and Herb or the Jalapeno Cheddar flavors.

Little Eater offers dishes with vegetables as the star. Chef Cara Mangini teaches proper storage, prep, and cooking techniques for every vegetable you can imagine. The gorgeous salads, quiches, and produce are heaven for your taste buds.

Food trucks hold court every Thursday afternoon from 11 to 2 at Columbus Commons in the downtown area. Try the various international recipes that include food from Argentina, Poland, Indonesia, and of course the good ol’ United States. If you’re looking for a place to stay close to downtown or any other part of the city, check for the best Columbus hotel rates and locations.

Good Brews

Just outside Columbus, you’ll find Rockmill Brewer. The former horse farm serves “farmhouse ale” along with other selections, plus food pairings for each beer. Sit on the patio among the rolling green fields, nibbling from a charcuterie board filled with meats and cheeses. You’ll never want to leave.

Try some local spirits at Watershed Distillery. This venue distills six of its own liquors, including barrel-aged gin and the Nocino, an Italian walnut liqueur. You can tour the distillery and stay for a wonderful dinner of seasonal American dishes. Also, try Mouton for some well-crafted cocktails. If alcohol is not your preferred drink, Mouton offers a wide variety of mocktails, too.

German Village

Columbus’s historic German Village will delight any foodie. The charming neighborhood houses G. Michael’s Bistro that serves meals inspired by the low country. You’ll also find Harvest Pizzeria, considered one of the best pizza joints in town. Visit Katzinger’s, featured on the Food Network’s “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” or Schmidt’s, featured on the network’s “Man vs. Food.”

No matter where you eat, enjoy the many delicious offerings in Columbus, Ohio. Your palate will thank you!