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Rio View
8 Jan

Unforgettable Impressions of Brazil – A Trip Report

Impressions of Brazil that I will never forget – Top Things To Do and Sites to See

Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Brazil is a wonderful South American country filled with festivals, culture, rich foods, and stunning beaches that are likely to make you speechless. When I visited Brazil, I was overwhelmed with the amount of love in this country, from the love put into their amazing natural food, to the passion put into their landmarks and cities.

Throughout this list I’ll discuss some of my favorite memories and aspects of my trip that I will never forget. From the Tour of Rio de Janeiro, to some of the most popular local favorites, I’ll be walking you through it all. In case you’re currently planning a trip to Brazil, this will give you some inspiration on where you should go and what you should see.

Let’s get started on this Brazilian adventure!

The Tour Of Rio De Janeiro

Some of the biggest attractions are located in Rio De Janeiro. Rio De Janeiro is a giant seaside city in Brazil. Most known for the gigantic Christ The Redeemer statue on top of Mount Corcovado. It was a stunning site the say the least. While it’s always busy, full of tourists trying to get the best vantage point, it was worth it to head there early in the morning to have some peace and quiet when viewing this spectacular site.

Rio de Janeiro Beachfront

If you’re spending a few days in Rio De Janeiro, I would recommend checking out the Tijuca National Park as well. This might take up a whole day because there’s so much to see, but it’s well worth it, especially if you’re someone like me who wants to take beautiful pictures of everything around me.

Rio View

If you take a tour, they will most likely also show you more of the Mount Corcovado and Sugarloaf Mountains, both are worth it, even if you have to dedicate a whole day to the sightseeing. This place isn’t like most tourist hotspots, these hotspots are actually worth checking out.

Popular Sights

Other popular sights I made sure to squeeze into my schedule were Iguazu Falls, Amazon Theatre, and the Cathedral of Brasilia.

The Iguazu Falls are the breathtaking waterfalls above the Iguazu River. This spectacle is located on the border of Argentine. Not only will they be something I will never forget, they’re also officially the largest waterfalls in the world. If that’s not convincing enough, there is so much rich history within these falls, it will also offer a relaxing breath of fresh air.

Iguazu Falls Brazil

In addition to the falls, I also made time to visit the Amazon Theatre. Washed in stunning light-pink paint and brick, the architecture of the city in Brazil shines bright with this huge design. The Amazon Theatre, Manaus is one of the most popular Opera Houses in the Amazon Rainforest. While it might be odd to think that there’s an opera house in the rainforest, it’s actually a very developed area, surrounded by nature, and it is something unforgettable.

Lastly, one of the biggest tourist spots I made sure to visit was the Cathedral of Brasilia! This cathedral offers a different view on religion that seems unique to the diversity found in Brazil. It was designed to make an impact and it certainly does without question. Whether or not you’re a religious individual, I urge you to check out this stunning place of worship and love.

Architecture Of The City

Manaus Amazon Theatre Brazil

The architecture of a country is defined, to an enormous degree, by its history and heritage. On the other hand, the architecture also forms a major part of the character and identity of this destination. Therefore, exploring the architecture of a country reveals much about it, and remains a very important part of tourism.

There is a diverse history found in Brazil, full of ties to modern design and old world architecture that come together in an odd way that just works. Maybe it works because of the people or culture, but it could be the unique way this place looks unlike any other location in the world I’ve visited.

When you walk around this city, you’ll find yourself constantly gazing around, always look up at the amazing windows, the walls, the old brick, the red roofs, it’s all formed in a way that will always surprise you.  “Brazil was colonised by Portuguese explorers centuries ago, and this culture has continued to influence the look and feel of this country. Today, there remain examples of this Portuguese architecture of yesteryear. These colonial-style buildings give the country a really charming element.” – Brazil Official Gov Site.


It’s been a huge amount of culture shock since I arrived in Brazil. From seeing the most popular sites that tourists flock to, to just enjoying the colonial era architecture while having some Brazilian coffee at a local cafe, it’s been quite the experience – an experience I will personally never forget.

If you plan on visiting Brazil here are some key facts to keep in mind:

  • Portuguese is spoken here, remember to have a guide or translator handy at all times!
  • They love tea and all natural foods, so enjoy the freshness while it lasts!
  • Travel with someone you trust at all times, don’t wander off on your own!
  • Get out of your comfort zone and explore the mountains and more natural scenic views!

Are you planning a trip to Brazil any time soon? Are you going to be seeing some of the sights I saw in this blog? We’d love to know your thoughts on the country and what you look forward to the most!

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