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5 Jan

8 Must-See Sites in Taipei, Taiwan

8 Great Things to Do in Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei Gate Taiwan

Places in Southeast Asia are so rich in culture and heritage that you go there and are immediately warped in their lifestyle. If you do plan to discover Asian culture and heritage, you absolutely must put Taipei in Taiwan on your list.

Taipei is a bustling city on the Island nation of Taiwan, which is not only rich in urban attractions but also natural beauty; this is a destination you need to experience in your lifetime.  Here are some of the best things you can do in Taipei, Taiwan:

Taipei 101

Taipei 101 Skyscraper

At one point in time, somewhere in 2011, the Taipei 101 skycraper was the tallest building in the world. Like any other massive skyscraper, you can use this building to hone your sense of direction while you are exploring on foot.  Also, just like any other famous skyscrapers, make sure you go as high as your mind and body allow and admire the view of a beautiful city laid out in front of you. They have a terrific observatory for this very purpose.

Shilin Night Market

Taipei Night Market

If you generally like the food of Asian heritage, then you must visit the Shilin night market. There are all kinds of grub available here, from hearty noodles to delicious oysters, grilled giblets and what not.  The Shilin night market should be high on your list especially if you like experiencing the best of Asian street food.  The market is open to customers every evening somewhere near the MRT Jiantan Station.

Xingtian Temple

Taipei Temple

Taiwan is a mainly Buddhist country and like any country with religious significance, you need to appreciate their religious sentiments.

The Xingtian temple is an exceptionally beautiful temple, with dragon sculptures ornamenting every corner of the roof and a traditional yet extraordinary architecture. It is as stunning at night time as it is in daylight.  While you are exploring the temple, make sure you leave an offering!

Shopping at Wufenpu

Need to know what the high-end shopping hub of Taipei is? It is the Wufenpu Market. If you are on the lookout for designer dresses and accessories for you and your loved ones, you need to scurry along to the Wufenpu market.

Wufenpu Market Taipei Taiwan

This is the one place in Taipei where you should take a heavy wallet and not be sad when you leave it considerably lighter.  Also, Sunday in the market is a bargain day. So you get some massive discounts too!

Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

Do you have an artsy side to you? If so, you should check out the art scene in Taipei. And what better place to acquaint yourself with the art of Taipei than the Songshan Cultural and Creative park?  Before you plan a visit to the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, try to get a hold of the program of events that are happening on that day. You don’t really have to worry about missing it either; events and exhibits take place in the Park pretty much every day.  You can also buy handmade crafts and visit the bookstores to get a better feel for the creative happenings in the city.

Jiu Fen Old Street

Taiwan Old Town Taipei

Jiu Fen Old Street is for people who love to have tea sessions with a view. It is a must visit if you have a good camera or if you want to sit with your friends and enjoy a cup of tea.  There are also some less popular but delicious eateries in the street as well. If you have developed a taste for the food of Taipei, you can buy a thing or two to enjoy your tea as well.

Gold Ecological Park

There is an actual gold mine that has been turned into a museum inside the Gold Ecological Park in Taipei. The mine was prosperous and highly functional during the era of Japanese Colonialism in the 1900s.  Nowadays, even though it isn’t exactly functional, it is completely open to people who want to experience the bellies of an actual gold mine. Maybe you’ll be able to touch some real gold too, while you’re at it!

The Golden Waterfall

Golden Waterfall Taiwan

If you want to experience natural beauty at its finest in Taipei, you need to visit the Golden Waterfall.  The area was once a hub of copper and gold mines. It was one of the main sources of prosperity in all of Taiwan. Because of the waterfall, the water had seeped inside the mines and rendered the mines non-functional.

What this did was create a golden and red background, complete with lush greenery for the beautiful waterfall and this is why it came to be known as the golden waterfall.  This is an exceptionally beautiful place for some fantastic photography too.

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