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Salt Cave Therapy
8 Dec

Relax in a Salt Cave – Latest Health Getaway Trend

Salt Caves Are The Newest Trend in Health Getaways – I visited one and here’s what happened.

Salt Cave Port Washington NY

Let me start by explaining what salt therapy is.   You may have seen Himalayan salt lamps sold in health stores, noted for cleansing the air and reducing allergens in your environment.  Imagine an entire room filled with glowing salt crystals that you relax in and experience the healing effects that are said to include reduced inflammation, relief of coughs, and heightened healing and energy.  Also known as Halotherapy, this is an alternative treatment and healing modality.  The primary areas that it is purported to benefit are within the respiratory system, skin issues, and mental health issues.  It is an alternative method of therapies but does not replace medical treatment. It can enhance and have a positive impact on the other treatments that you are engaging in.

Himalayan Salt Crystals

Recently a salt cave opened in our town, Port Washington Salt Cave at Inspiration Wharf in Port Washington, NY, and I was intrigued to find out what it was all about.  Our newest addition was opened by Sue Micallef Sullivan, who left her corporate job in healthcare due to battling her own health issues, and discovered the benefits of the halotherapy.  She decided that her mission was to bring this incredible experience to her town. Her visitors have been children with respiratory issues, first responders from 9-11, among many others.

Salt Cave Therapy, NY

A friend and I decided to check it out and our visit was incredible.  I felt invigorated when I left.  Sue created a relaxing environment for people to rest in. She offers the Halotherapy, Infrared Sauna, Hand and Foot Detox Therapy which are beneficial to all ages.  When you enter the cave the ground is covered in Himalayan salt, comfy lounge chairs with fleece blankets and there is a cute play area for kids.

Salt Cave Port Washington NY

We spent an hour catching up and relaxing while breathing in the incredible air.  The therapeutic salt that fills the cave is from Poland.  It was a wonderful experience.  Advance appointments at salt caves are most often needed. The Port Washington Salt Cave offers pricing per session, with memberships and group rates.  Sue is offering our readers $5 off your first session if you mention that you learned about her on Wicked Good Travel  You can call to make an appointment 516-439-4820 or email her at

If you don’t live in the New York area but are interested in trying one of these incredible Salt Cave experiences, here’s a directory of Salt Caves in the USA.  There are more than you might think!

About the Author:  Alisha Rappaport is a marketing and development consultant and is a mommy blogger for Wicked Good Travel Tips. She enjoys taking her son on new adventures and sharing her experiences with our readers.