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Cayman Islands - Pixabay
8 Sep

Top Cayman Island Fun, Here’s What To See and Do

Cayman Islands fun: What to Do and What to See in the Caribbean Sea

Cayman Islands - Pixabay

It seems that the Brits had a pretty good idea where to set up camp during their colonisation period, as the Cayman Islands have been, and are now more than ever before, one of the favourite tourist attractions among travellers from all around the world.

While the destination might seem heavily popular at first sight, the Cayman Islands provide enough fun, intimacy and variety for every visitor to feel pampered, relaxed and secluded from the troubles of everyday life. The Caymans truly are a unique vacation destination teeming with exotic wildlife, crystal white beaches and a vivid cultural scene bound to steal your heart away.

Here to bring you’re the most enjoyable experiences in the Caribbean Sea are the must-see tourist attractions of the Caymans.

A stroll down the Mastic Trail

Cayman Islands Mastic Trail

When in the Caymans, you want to soak in the raw, undisturbed yet accessible nature surrounding the charming towns, resorts and villages, and the best way to safely walk among the island’s natural wonders is by hiking down the Mastic Trail.

This expansive nature reserve is home to plants, trees and wildlife unique to the island and is located just 3.3 kilometres from the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park on the northeast side. The Mastic Trail is a true delight for nature lovers and wildlife aficionados, and should definitely hold top priority in your itinerary.

The trail entails a walk through a wonderful 200-million-year-old woodland area rife with extremely rare and colourful plant life, trekking down a flat 200-year-old gravel path. It’s best to book a guided tour with the Cayman Islands National Trust in order to create a complete experience.

Visit Stingray City

Stingray City Grand Cayman

Ever wanted to hold a playful stingray in your hands? Don’t worry, they are harmless if you play nicely with them, and the best place to pet, hold and take pictures with a stingray is Stingray City located in the North Sound area of Grand Cayman. Arguably the most popular tourist attraction in the entire Cayman archipelago, Stingray City is one tourist trap worth the money.

While popularly named “city” the areas is in fact a shallow sandbar where you will have the opportunity to interact with Atlantic Southern stingrays native to those waters. The guided tours around Stingray City offer snorkelling and diving expeditions as well as glass bottom boat tours.

Pet a turtle at the Cayman Turtle Farm

Turtle Center Cayman Island

The Cayman Turtle Centre is the perfect family fun destination where learn about and interact with more than seven thousand green sea turtles that happily roam the waters surrounding the area. Not only is the Turtle Farm the place to be if you’re looking to take a selfie with a turtle, but it’s also the perfect place to get acquainted with this endangered species, and learn about their way of life.

The centre aims to turn around the dire situation the species is currently in, and popularise the area by attracting tourists, sponsors and humanitarians willing to aid in the preservation of the green sea turtle.

Dive in Eden Rock and Devil’s Grotto

Cayman Island Eden Rock

Eden Rock and Devil’s Grotto are two of the most popular grand Cayman diving spots located south of the Seven Mile Beach and 14 metres (46 feet) beneath the surface. The two marine coves worm a gorgeous maze of underwater plant life, surrounded with majestic fish species such as silversides, parrotfish, tarpon, and barracuda, presenting a true marine oasis you won’t want to leave behind.

Both diving areas are suitable for beginners and intermediate snorkelers alike, while the Eden Rock Diving Centre in Grand Cayman offers boat dives and can provide you with guides and special equipment to make your excursion a truly rewarding adventure.

Wine and dine in George Town

George Town Cayman Islands

With all that outdoor excitement waiting for you in the Caymans, it’s only fair to take a little r‘n’r session in the biggest town in Grand Cayman, George Town. The town is not necessarily a place you want to stay in for the whole duration of your trip, as a far more immersive experience awaits you at seashore lodges and village cottages rife with the island’s authentic, native spirit.

However, the town is the best place to experience fine dining, and the only place to visit the Cayman Islands National Museum containing displays on local history, culture and wildlife and to also head out on a tax-free shopping spree in Cardinal Avenue. George Town is also the place where the majority of tours begin and where professional island guides can be found to take you diving, snorkelling, or on numerous submarine expeditions.

Alternatively, just sit back and relax in the town’s marina and watch as the 18th century ships make their way out to shore while bathing in the golden rays of the setting sun.

The Cayman Islands truly represent heaven on Earth. There is no shortage of exciting adventures in the Cayman archipelago, so be sure to follow this essential guide and you will have no problems organising a vacation you and your family will cherish forever.

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